You Are a Good Mom, Really | Happy Mother's Day

You Are a Good Mom, Really | Happy Mother's Day


For the last three years I've felt like an entrepreneur masquerading as a mother. 

I do everything I can, like play peek a boo from the shower as I scramble to get my hair washed. I give an extra long hug while recalling my daily calendar in my head. I turn my phone off (or down at least) when I get home at 5:30 and pay all my attention to my daughter as she proclaims, "I missed you today Momma". I take weekends off, almost entirely and stay focused on loving the heck out of her so when I go back to work Monday morning she won't wish it was still Sunday. Still, it never feels like I'm doing enough. 

mom and toddler

My daughter's playschool inspired a laughing cry moment this Thursday when they sent home her interpretation of me as a mom.

I should've taken it with a grain of salt and remembered she's three and her answers don't actually reflect who I am as a person. It should have been crystal clear after reading the answer to the first question, "My mom is _____ years old.", to which she answered "6". 

But I didn't. Instead, I barely finished reading it before I started crying my eyes out. 

Here's quick synopsis About My Mom:

She likes to: have some dinner

The best thing she cooks is: pancakes 

Her favorite food is: pancakes 

Everything is pretty accurate so far. I do make killer, fluffy butter milk pancakes and I quite like to have dinner. 

Her favorite thing to do to relax is: she likes to go to work. 

She is really good at: working

This is when I lost it. This is the struggle every single working parent has to face and as a woman there is the nagging feeling like I should be known for more than my love of business. Had I gotten farther into her heartfelt description of me I would have realized she really did get me. It was illustrated in the last point: 

As you can see, my mom is special because: she wears dresses. 

The moral of the story is that you are a good mom, really. Your toddler doesn't have a sweet clue of how awesome you are. Yet. So, you love her with all your heart in the moments when you are by her side and when she turns thirty or has little babes of her own she'll totally get you. 

Happy Mother's Day 

Toni Desrosiers

Founder, Abeego Designs, Inc. 


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