Keeping Cilantro Fresh | Abeego vs Plastic Wrap

4 groups of fresh cilantro



I fit in the “love cilantro” camp. Love it or leave it I think we can all agree finding cilantro or any leafy herb for that matter, in the back of the fridge is a scene we'd all like to avoid. 


start of plastic wrap vs Abeego cilantro experiment

I decided to run a highly sophisticated scientific comparison of Abeego vs. plastic wrap and find out how cilantro would fair.

I took one bundle of cilantro and split it into four bundles.

First bundle was packaged in Abeego, the next two wrapped in the leading brands of plastic wrap and the fourth left unwrapped. 

Like any budding scientist I got busy and forgot about my important work for weeks! So there I was, cleaning the fridge when I stumbled upon the experiment. Well to be honest, I kept seeing my experiment and was dreading the clean up so there it sat, much longer than I intended.

44 days passed.

I gathered my courage one afternoon and pulled out the cilantro. While I would not eat any of these bundles of cilantro, I’ll let the picture speaks for themselves.


comparison of cilantro in plastic wrap & Abeego

Here’s the deal. Cilantro is alive. Abeego is breathable. As the cilantro naturally emits gas the gas moves through Abeego, away from the cilantro. It slowly dries in Abeego rather that getting all gooey, smelly and rotten.

The conclusion is this. To keep food alive we need to store it in a material that allows it to live. Abeego has natural preservative properties. It is breathable. It trusts nature to provide the best food wrap around. Abeego keeps food alive!

PS. You might be wondering where the bundle left to fend for itself went. Being as unruly as it was I discarded well before I had the courage to deal with the cilantro in plastic wrap. It was dried out but not brown and gooey like the cilantro in plastic above. 

Toni Desrosiers

Founder of Abeego

Here are a few more images just to illustrate this further. Enjoy! 

cilantro in Abeego food wrap

cilantro in plastic wrap

close up of cilantro in plastic wrap






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