Celebrities React to Abeego | Gifting at the Golden Globes

Celebrities React to Abeego  | Gifting at the Golden Globes

Watching people react when they discover Abeego is one of my favorite things. The typical response goes like this.

“What? Really. No, really?”

Followed by.

“Why didn’t I know about this?!” or “I hate plastic wrap.”

Last week we had the opportunity to gift Abeego to celebrities attending a pre Golden Globes gifting suite at the W Hollywood Hotel. The celebrity reaction to our beeswax wrap was no exception.

We had no idea what to expect. We flew to L.A. with our fingers crossed; hoping an eco-heavyweight like Leonardo DiCaprio or Jessica Alba would take time out of their busy schedule and stop by our humble booth and fall in love with Abeego. They would immediately whisk us away to an upscale boardroom, sign a multi-million dollar partnership deal, making Abeego an instant household name. No more slugging it out in the trenches, it’d be smooth sailing from here on.

Obviously, that didn’t happen but it doesn’t hurt to dream, right?

Instead, we met young fresh talent, Hollywood’s rising stars. Seasoned celebrity veterans, you know the characters you grew up watching. Reality personalities, TV’s captivating extroverts. Contrary to what the tabloids would have you believe, they were human, kind, funny and not screaming at the top of their lungs. However, they definitely had an aura of intensity.

As varied as their personalities, they all shared a sincere interest in Abeego. Here is a little brag fest highlighting what we heard:


“That’s what I need!”  Jillan Rose Reed – Awkward

“This is a genius idea. I am so angry I did not come up with this.”  Nikki DeLoach – Awkward


“I’ve been to three gifting suites and this is the coolest thing I have seen.” Nicey Nash – The Mindy Project


“That is very cool. I am very excited about this.” Emily Foxler – Coherence pictured with Justin Baldoni –Jane the Virgin


“I hate wasting. So this is perfect.” Dot Marie – Glee



“Wow. I love it.” – Viola Davis – How to Get Away with Murder


So what did we take away from the experience? The message US Weekly has shared with us is true, Stars – They’re Just Like Us!They care about living lightly and about taking care of our world. They care about what they put into their bodies and about fresh food.

We gave two sets of Abeego to more than 75 celebrities. The second set they received was beautifully gift wrapped and destined for their mom, best friend or favorite eco-heavyweight. I’m certain one or more of them will to give Abeego to Leo or Jessica. That boardroom is still in sight.

Toni Desrosiers

Founder of Abeego

Here are some more photos from our Hollywood adventure:


The charming Gina Rodriquez, The Golden Globes winner,for Best Actress in a TV Series as leading role in Jane the Virgin.


Comedian and genius voice artist, Gilbert Gottfried.


Beloved Hollywood legend, Edie McClurg, most recently the voice of Gerda in Frozen and likely a character or voice in almost every show you’ve loved since the late 70’s.


The one and the only Mr. Cheech Marin! Hear his voice again as Pancho Rodriguez in The Book of Life.


Candace Cameron Bure, the sweet D.J. Tanner from Full House. Yes, she is wearing a “Cut It Out” t-shirt and yes; we want one of our own.


Stunner, Scheana Marie of Vanderpump Rules

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