Happy Holidays | From Our Hive To Yours!

Happy Holidays | From Our Hive To Yours!

We hope you had an amazing holiday season filled with love and laughter. Taking a twist on the typical staff Christmas party, we decided to stick to our food roots and cook an incredible meal together to share. Along side Chef Dan Hayes and Sudine Forsburg of The London Chef, we created crispy pork and chicken dumplings and classic chicken and vegetable curry.

Pork Dumplings The London Chef

The photos are beautiful, thank you Kelly Brown Photography, but obviously photos can’t capture the mouth watering and captivating fragrance created or the sound of the sizzling chicken cooking in the frying pan.

Frying Pan The London Chef

Thai food is surprisingly easy to cook and if you cook it at home, it is easy to accommodate a variety of food preferences and allergies as well. Most people don’t realize, that Thai food at any restaurant it is most likely dripping in fish sauce and fermented prawn paste to give it that authentic Thai taste. At home, other substitutions can be made to add a similar flavour for your vegan and vegetarian guests.

Abeego and The London Chef

Also Dan surprised us when he brought out the herbs for our recipe covered in Abeego! He loves using Abeego in the kitchen due to it's simplicity and ability to preserve food naturally. Thank you Dan, it was such a compliment to see our product in the hands of such a talented chef and kitchen. 

We all went home with full bellies and of course some helpful kitchen hints to try out in our own kitchens. Who knew, you can juice a lime by simply microwaving it for 20 seconds, instead of massaging it. Or what about freezing and defrosting your ginger making it easier to grate and juice without compromising the flavour. 

Ginger Grating The London Chef

Another interesting tidbit, according to Chef Dan, bear meat is the only carrier of Trichinosis in BC. He insists that pork and cow meat is completely safe.

Laughs around the table

Our holiday dinner simply wouldn't be complete without a secret santa gift exchange. The parameters were: the items had to be under $20.00 and food related. The popular item of the night was from Olive the Sense, which specializes in cultivar extra virgin olive oil infused with various flavourings. 

Also we were pleasantly surprised with Vancouver Salt and their hand-harvested salt infused with balsamic vinegar or you can add a zing to your dish with their spanish paprika.  

Cheers Abeego

The holidays are magical time filled with friends, food and a time to reflect on the past year. Thank you for all your love and support in 2015. Cheers to 2016 and all the surprises the year will bring. 




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