Sprouting | Growing with a Toddler

Sprouting | Growing with a Toddler

Toddler alfalfa sprouts
 Just that easy, proud toddler with her beautiful alfalfa sprouts- Day 5. 

Fresh food is a hot topic in our house; where does it come from? How does it grow? Is it good for me? Is it gross? Did it make me taller? Can I put honey on it?

It’s my nutritionist side that believes in eating food that looks like it did when it was living or growing that drives me to share the beauty of fresh food with my toddler. If I do my job well she won’t become a stereotypical teenager that eats fast food three times a day. Or even worse a twenty something that’s hospitalized with scurvy because she hasn’t touched a living food in two months. True story; a friend of a friend was diagnosed with scurvy and that was 2005 not the 1900’s friends. It’s okay to laugh. It’s ridiculous.

My strategy around healthy eating is to keep it fun and full of adventure. Sprouting is an easy way to get your kid in touch with growing food.

Awaiting her harvest- Day 4. 

It involves tiny seeds that they are sure to spill everywhere. It requires three trips to the sink daily where they will soak themselves in water. Lastly, they get to watch something grow right before their eyes! Their amazement and wonder will end up with a jar of vibrant green sprout that they’ll refuse to eat.

 But we try right? And when it all fails we put honey on it.

- Toni Desrosiers 

Founder of Abeego 



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