Canoe Adventure on the Sunshine Coast | Abeego Travels

Canoe Adventure on the Sunshine Coast | Abeego Travels


Written by Kelly Brown | Photos by Kelly Brown

We awoke that morning, meticulously packing our backpacks in the early morning light. Raincoats, a pocket knife, extra warm socks, a headlight, plenty of picnic foods all wrapped up tightly using Abeego… everything you would need for a weekend adventure. We were heading to a friend’s cabin on Sakinaw Lake on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia. After three different boat rides, we arrived to the off grid cabin. Being boat access only, the surrounding area was very remote and quiet. 


We unpacked our bags, made a fire and settled into that great feeling of unplugging. No electricity, no internet, no cell reception. There was a gentle rain but we were still eager to go for a paddle so we got the wooden canoe ready. I packed a small bag with snacks for the ride, homemade granola bars, cheese, fruit, nuts, and bread. 



We spent an hour making our way up and down the lake. Getting out to explore little hillsides or paddling slowly next to the shoreline to spot newts and fish. He found a dock and decided to set up a picnic. My bag was pretty damp from all the rain but all the food remained dry and fresh thanks to Abeego. We even used Abeego to make little plates to eat off of. Once we were done, everything packed away easily into my bag and we made small containers out of Abeego to easily access the trail mix and granola bars for a quick snack.



The rest of the weekend included lots of hiking, long sauna sits, some very chilly lake dips and many shared meals. That weekend away, emerged in nature and the comfort of stillness was just what we all needed. I look forward to many more adventure like this and know that I will always bring Abeego with me. 




Get to know Kelly:

Using a natural light approach with a focus on seasonal beauty, Kelly's work reflects a creative life rich in all the things that nourish us from food to flowers, from the moments that mark our history to the ones that make each day sweet. When she is not photographing, she spends her days preparing thoughtful meals, gardening, hiking, and spending time with her friends and family.


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