My SheEO Experience | An Act of Radical Generosity

My SheEO Experience | An Act of Radical Generosity

Written by Toni Desrosiers | Photos by Dahlia Katz

You’re standing in a vast meadow tracking a path to the top of a seemingly never ending mountain. At the peak of that mountain is your destiny. You know with every fiber of your being that you must clear the path to the top of that mountain. You don’t have a choice. You’ve been called. 

Feelings of fear, uncertainty, unworthiness, smallness and failure twist you into knots and each step feels heavier than the last.

The ladies are coming.

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You meet 5 SheEO’s in the meadow. Each called by the same desire to change the world, to disrupt the status quo. You commit to experience your individual mountain collectively with vulnerability, confidentiality, fun, non-judgement, trust, positivity, collaboration and respect.

Your work begins. For 3 days you’re sequestered on a heritage farm, nourished with hand prepared meals and nurtured by two masterful, world-class coaches committed to helping you find your excellence.

mary jane ryan thought leader

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You’ve been transformed by the curated experience designed to allow you to recognize the SheEO’s as your team and believe in your personal power and the power of your business.

Then 5 SheEO’s go to the table and negotiate the division of a half a million dollars with only two rules:

You can’t give it all to one person.   

You can’t split it evenly.

You spend eight hours exposing intimate details of your venture, holding each other’s feet to the fire and holding each other’s hearts in your chest. The experience is raw, collaborative and real. 5 SheEO Ventures walk out of a 150 year old cottage with exactly what they need to take their business to the next level.

five ventures negotiate the division of five hundred thousand dollars

All 5 ventures return the base of the mountain bonded deeply with arms interlocked. A path still needs to be cleared and everyone agrees to cooperate and collaborate for the next 5 years to ensure each SheEO reaches her destiny.

The Ladies Are Coming. 

sheEO radical generosity

You feel the roar of a Purple Wave building momentum behind you. 500 activators with 500 million experiences and a thirst for radical generosity roll up their sleeves. They move boulders, bend tree trunks and build scaffolding where there was once an endless cliff face. You realize you have 5 partners and a team of 500.

Vicki Saunders Founder of SheEO an act of Radical Generosity

This is the beginning of RADICAL GENOROSITY.

500 Activators   |   $500,000  |   5 SheEO Ventures

the ladies are coming

In five years the vision for RADICAL GENORSITY tips and the Purple Wave crashes on your beach.

1,000,000 Activators |  $1,000,000,000 | 10,000 SheEO Ventures


the ladies are coming sheEO radical generosity

the ladies are coming

Photo credit goes to the amazing Dahlia Katz 

Dahlia Katz is a professional photographer who specializes in lifestyle, corporate, events, and the performing arts.  She is also a theatre director, dramaturg, and puppeteer, and helms Solar Stage theatre company with her husband.

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