Practice At-Home Food Security With Abeego | A Message From Our Founder

Practice At-Home Food Security With Abeego | A Message From Our Founder


We’re in this Together.

COVID-19 stormed into our lives and put food security squarely in focus. As we all practice social distancing, we’re faced with new, never imagined restrictions around how we access food. These restrictions are changing what and how we eat as well as our relationship with food. Like us, you’re reducing trips to the grocery store and cooking more meals at home than ever before. Many are being forced to limit their fresh food purchases, opting for canned, dried and packaged food. The foods that will last until the next grocery outing and beyond. This has a great deal of us questioning just how food secure we really are. 

During this time of uncertainty, we mulled over ways we could help our global community. From this, we realized that making Abeego available to the world was the answer. We exist to Keep Food Alive for a Food Secure World and now, more than ever, extending the life of our living, breathing food has become of the utmost importance.  

Your Food, Better with Abeego. 

Food security with Abeego means you can reduce your trips to the grocery store and stock up on fresh, healthy and living food. Abeego will keep your food fresh and alive longer than you’ve ever experienced, and we’ll be right by your side to ensure you are using your wrap sizes to their maximum capacity. What’s more? Starting today, all orders over $35 will receive a bonus Variety Wrap. We’re here for you. 

Abeego, Better with You.  

While Abeego is operational and still shipping, we did not escape the impact of COVID-19. This crisis quieted the usual hustle at Abeego as we watched our long time and valued retail partners close their doors. The impact required us to reduce our team to a skeleton crew. Enough to to fulfill incoming orders while ensuring the safety of our team. This means ten of Abeego’s hearts and hands are sitting on the sidelines, eager to come back to work.

A Gift from Us.

To help you, our valued community, in these unsettling times, we are offering a bonus Variety Wrap with all orders over $35(One per person, limited quantities). I promise, you won’t be disappointed. Abeego works. It’ll be a steadfast and trusted tool in your kitchen. You’ll reduce your trips to the grocery store and still eat all the fresh food you love. That being said, there is a sense of urgency in placing your order. We’ll continue to safely operate as long as we are allowed ensuring the safety of our team, delivery partners and community.

While buying Abeego today may not be an option for you, feeling food secure should be. Subscribe to our newsletter list below and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We’ll be sharing ways you can extend the life of your food with and without Abeego.  

Can Abeego keep your bread fresh, celery crisp and avocado green for days? Yes. Skeptical? You’re not alone. We estimate close to 87% of our now long time customers started out as skeptics only to become advocates as Abeego proved itself in their kitchen. The Abeego team is waiting for you so use our chat box, send us a DM or email -  let the questions fly or send us your tips on how you preserve food.

Thank you for being a part of our community.

Keep Food Alive, 

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Toni Desrosiers 



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