A New Abeego | The Future of Beeswax Wrap

A New Abeego | The Future of Beeswax Wrap

Abeego picks up where the peel leaves off. It protects & it breathes. It keeps food alive.

This concept has been whispering in my ear for years. We’ve touched on the subject here and there but this winter it came back roaring and refused to be ignored any longer. Abeego was determined to show the world that fresh food was asking for breathable food wrap. Fresh food was asking for Abeego. I knew that to tell the story correctly and convey it clearly, I needed to completely re-envision every aspect of Abeego.

So, as a team we took on the monumental task of re-inventing Abeego. It was not a small job. It did not come easily. It took many hours and a hive of people.

The hard work paid off. I speak for us all when I say we're thrilled with how it turned out.

Meet the new Abeego and the future of food wrap.

cilantro avocado melon in abeego beeswax wrap

abeego beeswax wrap

inside abeego packaging

abeego beeswax wrap packaging




Abeego is ready to change the landscape of food wrap forever and become a staple in every kitchen but I have a few people to thank:


Laura Prpich | Caribou Creative | Art Director, Graphic Designer and & Official Abeego Brand Police

Laura has been woven into Abeego since 2009 and this is the first time in our long history together that I've been able to get out of her way and let her complete vision for Abeego emerge. I won't lie, when I think of what Laura has done for my company it brings me to tears. Really. I'm crying right now. I love you Laura. 


The Abeego Hive | Troi, Andrea, Colin, Melissa, Kevin and all past members of the Hive

This is no one woman show. You all have seriously rocked this! Every brainstorming session we've had has directly contributed to the amazing new Abeego we get to launch. I love all of you and I'm forever grateful to each of you. 


Kelly Brown | Kelly Brown Photographer | Photographer

Kelly's images speak for themselves. Not only did she capture Abeego, she has been able to capture the essence of what it means to Keep Food Alive. Kelly, we'll be working together for a long time. 


Matt Magi | Voltage New Media | Web Design

Thanks for the stunning website, this is going to be our best year yet. We couldn't be happier that you're a new addition to our Hive. 


SheEO Activators | SheEO World | Radical Generosity Fund

You believed in Abeego, our vision and most importantly you believed in me. A cohesive brand launch in no small feat and your radical generosity has change my path forever and has taught me to believe in myself. You have my gratitude.   


Doug Brown | Brand Intervention | Honorary Abeego Owner

You've been there when I've celebrated, you've been there when I've cried my eyes out. You are logical. You are inspiring. You are Abeego. Thank you friend, for everything.


Hemlock Team | Hemlock Printers | Packaging Print

Your team saved the day! With out you we would never have been able to put our best foot forward in front of the Dragons. You rock. 


You | Abeego Lovers Worldwide

Abeego exists because of you. You pushed the ball down the hill and I started running after it. I started Abeego with $1200 and an army of people willing to put it in their homes and tell their friends about it. One day you'll tell your grand kids that you made history. 


Thank you everyone. I love you all.

Toni Desroisers

Founder | Abeego 

 toni desrosiers at abeego studio
















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