Will Abeego Food Wrap Hold on to Strong Smells?

Will Abeego hold onto strong smells like, tuna, ginger, and onions?

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Can I use Abeego to wrap an onion?

Yes! Abeego keeps onions happy and fresh. Cut onion bulbs can be wrapped in Abeego, while green onions can be stored in a folded package and kept fresh.

After you’ve eaten your onion, wash Abeego in cold water with a mild soap, and let dry on your dish rack or towel dry.


Will Abeego hold on to strong smells?

Not typically. Our formula acts as a natural barrier while still letting your food breath, keeping the strong smells from ginger, onion, tuna, and blue cheese from penetrating into the fabric of the wrap.



Will strong smells come through Abeego?

Everyone’s sense of smell is different. If you have a very keen sense of smell, you may be able to detect stronger smells, like tuna or onion, through the Abeego. For the rest of us, we aren’t able to smell food through Abeego.


    Does Abeego hold strong smells like onions?


    How can I use Abeego to save my strong smelling foods?

    • Wrap your ginger in Abeego to keep it fresher longer.
    • Store your cut onions in Abeego until your next meal.
    • Prep your onions, garlic, ginger, and peppers, then wrap them in Abeego so dinner is a breeze.
    • Roll your green onions in Abeego to keep them from wilting.



    More tips: Building the Abeego habit

    • Ensure that your Abeego is not threadbare. If you’re using an older Abeego with less wax coverage, smells can linger in the exposed fabric.
    • Keep it cold. The colder the Abeego, the less likely smells stay.
    • Don’t want to risk it? Put your strong scented food in a bowl and cover it.

    Will Abeego hold the smell of tuna


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