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The Holiday season is in full swing, and we know with that can come with a lot of lists and a lot of stress. This season we wanted to help take some of the organization off your plate with a Holiday Checklist. 


3 Weeks Before Christmas

Mail Christmas Cards

Sending holiday cards is one of the easiest ways to let people know that you're thinking about them this holiday season. Be sure to pick up extra stamps when you're out picking up your cards and save yourself the trip to the post office during the busy Christmas season.

Finish Online Shopping

It can be hard to get organized early in the season, but with Christmas fast approaching save yourself the extra shipping fees by ordering online before December 11th.

Order Your Abeego By Dec 11TH

Don't miss out on getting your Abeego for saving holiday leftovers, giving as hostess gifts and stocking stuffers. Order by December 11th to get FREE GROUND SHIPPING within Canada and the US.

RSVP To Holiday Parties

Holiday parties are fast approaching, and RSVPing can end up on the backburner during this busy time of the year. Take a moment to RSVP to the gracious hosts and hostesses.

Finalize Holiday Menus

It may seem early, but once you have your holiday menu down, you can plan your shopping lists and have a feeling of calm.

Make a master grocery list

Now that you have your final menu you can create a master grocery list. I like to divide mine into two categories: perishables and non-perishables. Dividing your list helps you to be able to shop for non-perishables in advance.

Confirm Dinner Guests

Confirm your dinner guests or party guests. Be sure to ask about any food allergies, restrictions, and sensitivities, this way you can plan to have something for everyone.

Order Turkey

If you haven't already, call your favorite butcher to order your Turkey or Ham.

Make Any Handmade Gifts

If you're making any homemade gifts this year, this is the time to start working on these. Some of my favorite easy homemade gifts are: 

- Handmade dishcloths
- Homemade Kaluha
- Handknit mittens


Two weeks before

Mail Out Of Town Gifts

Don't wait until the last minute to mail all of your out of town gifts! It can feel overwhelming to get boxes ready for shipping early in the month, but you'll sigh a big sigh of relief when your boxes are on their way, and you're not worrying about them getting there in time.

Shop For Non-Perishables

Buying your non-perishables in advance helps to not only break your shopping list (and food bill) into more manageable groups but also help you feel ready for your guests whenever they arrive. 

Make A Donation To Your Favorite Charity

When we get busy around the holidays, it's easy to forget the people and animals who are less fortunate. Donate money to your favorite charity and help make someone's else's Christmas merry and bright. 

Buy Wine And Other Beverages

Avoid the lineups and make sure you're well stocked for Christmas movie marathons and house guest. If you're enjoying some cocktails this holiday season, please be sure to book your taxis in advance or have a designated driver.

Confirm House Guests

Having some house guests this season? Be sure to confirm how many and for how long so you can stock up on a few special treats, like their favorite tea, extra snacks, and a few easy breakfast options.

1 Week Before

Stock Up On Baking Ingredients

Baking is a fun and easy way to entertain children over the holidays. Make sure you're stocked up for all of your holiday baking needs and a few of your favorite holiday recipes. 


Give your home a great deep clean a week in advance. If you have family or friends that pop by it's just a quick dust and tidy, and you're ready for guests.

Thaw Turkey (If It’s Frozen) 

If you have a frozen turkey, be sure to thaw it safely. It's recommended to thaw your bird for 24 hours for every 5 lbs. Which means if you have a 20lb turkey, it will take about four days. 

3 Days Before

Buy Perishable Food Items

Pick up your fruits and veggies 3 days before and store them in your Abeego beeswax food wraps to keep them fresher, longer.

Wash Extra Dishes

Pull out your extra dishes, and platters to wash and cover with a clean dish towel to keep them dust free until Christmas.

Wash And Polish Glassware

Wash and polish any glassware that you may need for your guests.

Iron And Fold Napkins

Wash, iron and fold your table linens and cloth napkins so they are clean and ready for Christmas dinner.

2 Days before

Wrap Presents

Wrap and presents that you can in advance while watching some of your favorite Christmas movies.

Charge Camera Battery

Don't forget to charge the battery in your camera to capture those memorable moments. 

Recharge Batteries For Kids Toys

It's never a bad idea to stock up on rechargeable batteries for the holidays. 

Bake Cookies For Santa

One of my favorite traditions growing up was baking fresh cookies for Santa and the elves. Don't forget some carrots for the reindeer too! 

1 Day before

Last Minute Items

Pick up any last minute items that may have been overlooked. 

Pick Up Turkey

If you've ordered a fresh turkey, I like to wait to pick it up until the day before to save room in the fridge. 

Start Cooking

Don't leave everything until the end, make a few things in advance to save on your workload. Cranberries, are great to make in advance!

Set Table

Setting the table is a simple task to do while things are simmering away.

There you have it, our complete holiday list breakdown. To save you time and energy we've created a Holiday Checklist that you can quickly download and check off right on your devices. Add your email below and we'll send it directly to your inbox.

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