Our Keep Food Alive Manifesto

Find out what drives Abeego in our Keep Food Alive Manifesto


We exist to reignite the intimacy between ourselves and our natural world. Conceived in humanity’s origins, this relationship bred wisdom and purpose, forming a bond that’s kept alive through our generational history; through colorful stories of sinking our knees in the soil while digging in the garden, tiptoeing into the cold cellar collecting root vegetables, and playing with our children while whipping up a family favorite.

Unity with our food—and each other—lives inside these simple and spirited stories. For at the heart, these are love stories which breathe life into the food that breathes life into us.


Together as wholehearted pioneers:

we live where logic and inspiration meet, equally weighted and inseparable, like two sides of a coin

we fly our own path, expanding the food frontier with a deep drive to bring what we learn home

we simplify and stay grounded in nature because we are nature

we relish every step forward living positively, fearlessly & in celebration of the journey

we cultivate a mastery of curiosity trusting our internal wisdom

we care and connect openly inviting everyone to bring their best to the table


We hold space for those hungry to rekindle food-wisdom, explore greater preservation and aspire to a living-breathing kitchen. It’s in this spirit, we invite you to join us and

Keep Food Alive  ∞


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