Abeego: The Best Gift Under $20 for Everyone on Your List

Abeego Best Gift Under $20 For Everyone on your List

Holiday season is upon us. Let’s keep this simple: everyone loves Abeego. One stop shopping. Done. From your green-living girlfriend to your humble home-baking husband, Abeego has wide appeal. Be the one to introduce Abeego and really share the joy this Christmas. It’s a gift they’ll unwrap the whole year through.

Let’s get more specific and walk through the types of people who need Abeego. Did we mention Abeego is the best gift under $20?  

  • Best Gift for Minimalists
  • Best Gift for Foodies
  • Best Gift for the Socially Conscious
  • Best Gift for that Special Someone
  • Best Gift for Families
  • Best Gift for Gifting in Bulk


“I don’t want anything for Christmas.” We all have this person in our lives. Sometimes it’s mom who simply wants you to be happy. Other times it’s a friend who doesn’t want stuff he won’t use or add to his overstuffed sock drawer. Minimalism is about adding to our lives mindfully. We’re all about simplifying at Abeego and whole-heartedly get behind this idea expanded on by the blog at New Minimalist: Declutter & Design.

Minimalist Gift: The Variety Wrap

Abeego is a gift with utility that all minimalists can get behind. A few simple wraps can be in constant use with no need for storing, unlike a roll of you-know-what. Abeego is also a tool for food rotation and helps with using foods up and eliminating waste. The Variety Wrap set, with one small, medium and large sheet is the perfect gift for the minimalist to get started, try the different sizes, and add to their collection later if desired.


Abeego beeswax wrap Gift for Foodies

Anyone who loves to cook will love Abeego. Home chefs, skilled bakers and those who like to experiment in the kitchen are always on the lookout for unique gadgets to level up their cooking skills. Enter Abeego.

Foodie Gift: Medium and Giant

Maybe you’ve just stumbled across this blog so this bears repeating. Abeego Keeps Food Alive. Cut avocado halves stay green when wrapped in Abeego. Can you imagine the joy your foodie friend will get from this? It’s like Christmas morning again and again.

Not only that, Abeego is a herb saver, a cheese cave, a wine preserver, a cut-vegetable-ready-to-use keeper. Bakers love Abeego too, perfect to roll out pastry, cover rising dough, and keep dumplings plumply underwraps - ask our friends over at GRAIN!

Choose the Medium beeswax wrap for cheese lovers and Giant for bakers. Large reusable wraps are is perfect for saving foraged foods and herbs, cut up vegetables and larger fruits.


When you look for a gift for the woke, you might get woke yourself. There’s a whole network of inspiring businesses created by and for those who are socially and environmentally conscious. Every dollar we spend, whether conscious or not, is a decision about who we support and what we stand for. If you’re gifting to someone who stands for something, Abeego is your answer.



Abeego gift box special eco gift

For the person who holds a special place in your heart, you’ll want to shower them with a gift that’s a little extra. You could give them a piece of jewelry that lives in a box except for special occasions or give them something they’ll use everyday and think of you.



Brother, mother, sister, dad. Tired of giving them socks, ties, pajamas and blenders? Refresh your giving with Abeego. Friends with kids love having a natural and non-toxic option for litterless lunches, on-the-go snack bags, twisty make-shift fidgets and teethers, and fresh-kept apple slices.

Family Gifts: The Abeego Family

Gifting to the family all depends on individual needs. For a family of four, we recommend the Small, Medium, Large and Giant - the whole family. A Variety Wrap plus a Giant beeswax wrap gives them one sheet in every size, which will help them determine what their individual family needs are.

Look at how much Greens of the Stone Age (and her kids) love Abeego in this blog post.

Abeego ideal gift for families breathable beeswax wraps


This one might be you. Perhaps you go to a lot of dinner parties or find there’s always an occasion that calls for a little something, such as a thank you, a secret Santa, a birthday, a pick-me-up present. Or maybe you like to give corporate gifts to your clients, partners and staff. Abeego is a gift that’s a little different, useful, and thoughtful.

What to gift when you have a lot to give: Variety 4-Pack

Essentially Abeego in bulk, you can cross ‘em off your list all at once with 4 Variety Wraps, includes a small, medium, and large inside. The perfect starter set & stocking stuffer. Keep on hand for year-round giving.


Do you remember when you first used Abeego? You were probably sceptical. Even we were! It doesn’t take long, however, to become an advocate. Share your passion about Abeego - it’s contagious.

Once people try Abeego, the world opens up and there’s no turning back. This simple tool has massive impact immediately in our own lives as we begin to save our food from the compost, saving money and time shopping for replacements. Imagine the impact on a world scale if we all saved our food. From the hive to the farm, market to table, the resources we can save is mind blowing. This is real sustainability in action.

Remember, like puppies, Abeego is not just for the holidays. Abeego is for life. Take good care of your Abeego and they’ll take care of you the whole year through.




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