Abeego Turns 9 | Happy Birthday Beeswax Wrap

Abeego Turns 9 | Happy Birthday Beeswax Wrap

Yesterday we celebrated Abeego's birthday. For the past nine years it has supported us, our families and all those that use it. Spending an hour with our team and friends, eating cake and drinking sparkling wine seemed like the least we could do to thank Abeego.

To be honest no one was quite sure when Abeego was officially born. Toni always marks January as the beginning of Abeego but the exact moment of its birth was never clear. When is an idea really born? When it first plants itself in your mind and asks to exist? It is when you complete your first prototype? Or the first sale? We were ready to have cake before noon so we marked February 7th as Abeego’s ninth birthday.

The minute we cut into the gorgeous cake it became clear that something was missing. We were surrounded  by Abeego but the first design; the original Abeego was stuffed away in a box pleading to come out and be honored. Toni  broke out the history box and found the first iteration of Abeego. We opened up the wrap to find a small piece of blue paper pinned to the inside with a date scribbled on it.

Like so many times in our life, Abeego led the way again. In that moment is was impossible not to give Abeego her official birth date.

Abeego, born February 8th, 2008.

Abeego, you’ve led us and pushed us. You've left a positive mark on the world that will not be forgotten. We promise to keep pouring our hearts and sweat into you everyday and ensure you have the opportunity to change the way the world Keeps Food Alive.

We honor you. We love you. Happy Birthday.

The Abeego Hive

Andrea, Melissa, Troi, Kevin, Maria, Colin, Toni and Parker (the future of Abeego)

abeego celebrates 9 years in business

abeego celebrates its ninth birthday

abeego celebrates ninth birthday

abeego celebrates ninth year

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