Abeego Wraps Up Dragons' Den

Abeego Toni Desrosiers on Dragons Den Season 11 Episode 17

In 2016, Abeego's CEO Toni Desrosiers pitched her beeswax food wrap invention on Dragons' Den Season 11, Episode 17. Did she wrap up a deal in the den or did the Dragons eat her alive?

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For thousands of years, we've been storing our food naturally. Since the 50's we started to seal, wrap, and lock our food in airtight plastic wrap in an effort to keep it fresh longer. The problem is that food is actually alive and it needs to breathe. So when we lock in airtight plastic wrap, it sweats, suffocates, and rots. And that contributes to the 15 billion dollars Canadians put in the compost heap every single year.


I think all of us are having trouble wrapping our mind around this idea. It's so simple but so beneficial it's just unlike anything we have in our kitchens right now...You're not going to seal me on this deal.


Did Toni make a deal? Watch and find out!


WATCH: Abeego on Dragons Den | Season 11, Episode 17

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Abeego on Dragons' Den | Pitch Only

Abeego on Dragons' Den | Netflix Canada | Season 11, Episode 17


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Abeego on Dragons' Den | Toni Desrosiers (left) and Manjit (right)



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