Can I Cut My Abeego Food Wrap?

If you decide to cut your Abeego, use a rotary blade or very sharp scissors for a nice, clean cut.

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Can I cut my Abeego?

We recommend you avoid the temptation to cut Abeego. It’s most functional in its full size. Plus, you can always over-wrap an item. It’s your old relationship with plastic wrap that makes you think you have to cut Abeego to fit the exact item you’re storing. You’re going to have your Abeego for a long time, so keeping it full-size will let you use it over and over on many shapes and sizes.

How can i cut my Abeego beeswax food wrap?

I still want to cut my Abeego, is there a special method?

If you decide it must be cut, use a rotary blade or very sharp scissors for a nice, clean cut. The sharper the scissors, the less likely you are to chip off the wax along the edges of your Abeego.



The edges of my Abeego are fraying, what can I do?

Abeego is fabric, and the edges are not finished. The wax coating helps hold the fibres of the fabric together. Over time, you may notice the edges fray a little. Trim them with a rotary blade or sharp scissors.

Trim the fraying edges on my beeswax food wrap | Abeego

More tips: Building the Abeego habit

  • Abeego doesn’t have to be the perfect size, it can overlap itself and still work perfectly.
  • Try experimenting with different shapes.
    • Put your food on a diagonal if you’re having trouble fitting it
    • Create a bag or packet by folding the sides

You shouldn't need to cut your Abeego, but if you do, use sharpe scissors or rotary blade to reduce damage

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