Fire + Food | Introducing Abeego Firestarters

Outdoor Cooking with Abeego Firestarters


Get set for a summer of adventure and outdoor cooking—from your backyard to the backwoods—and kindle your next memorable meal with Abeego Firestarters.


It's what you've been waiting for. Abeego Firestarters are officially here! Once a coveted gift with purchase, each package has more Firestarters than before.

Start fires like a hot damn! Whether you have a burning desire to slay damp firewood or impress friends at your backyard BBQ, Abeego Firestarters will light your fire every time. Our Firestarters burn slow and long, burn chemical-free and are water resistant.



“My favorite childhood breakfast happened over a campfire. The thought of the smell of dad’s signature crispy fried eggs bubbling on a cast iron pan paired with mom’s charred buttery toast makes my mouth water to this day.” - Toni Desrosiers

Whether it's childhood nostalgia or a primal connection, cooking in the outdoors brings out our Wholehearted pioneer spirit. The aroma of camp smoke and cooking food intermingling set to the sound of pan sizzles, fire crackles and birdsong is a simple yet profound experience.

For us, cooking over an open fire amplifies our connection with nature as a back-to-the-land grounding experience. It’s made all the better when we can share this with our loved ones and modern-day tribe.



Born from our desire to use “the whole beast”, we make sure every shred lives its fullest life. As a by-product of our wrap production, Abeego Firestarters are made from the same valuable resources: beeswax, jojoba oil, tree resin, and hemp and organic cotton cloth. We believe disposing of these trimmings would be a waste.

Abeego Firestarters reflects our commitment to sustainability, rooted in recognizing the value of the whole beast.


Abeego Firestarters are high-powered wicks that can get any fire started. Use them for campfires, charcoal barbecues, wood fireplaces and stoves and burn, baby, burn!

Each pack has enough Firestarters for about 10-12 fires (or more for masterful fire makers). Separate about 5-7 strands from the bundle at a time. Use as a stick and light the end, or bunch into a loose ball, place under kindling and light.


Crumple Firestarter into ball | Abeego Beeswax Wrap | How to Start a Fire

 Build a kindling tipi in your fire pit, pull Firestarter strands into a loose ball, place under kindling and light.


How to light a fire with Firestarters | Abeego Beeswax Wraps

 Add your Firestarters as part of the kindling and light.


How to Start a Fire | Abeego Firestarters | Light the End

Light the end like a match and light your kindling or charcoal.



As Abeego Firestarters are a by-product, availability is not guaranteed. Get ‘em while they’re hot!


How to cook outdoors | Fire and Food | Abeego Beeswax Wraps


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