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Abeego Welcomes Linda Biggs as Head of Operations

Every once in a while you meet someone new and you wonder where they’ve been all your life. This is what happened with Linda.

It was the early days of Abeego, back in 2009, when Linda and I first met. We were at the same conference and grabbed some fresh air together. We hit it off immediately and agreed to stay in touch. We didn’t.

Fast forward almost 10 years, I was invited to speak at the @dreamgirlfilm screening hosted by Linda Biggs, the Founder of about running a women-led company. Linda mentioned that we’d met years earlier, but I couldn’t quite place her until we met in person. I saw her face and immediately knew, I’d been missing her!

Linda’s professional track-record and her overwhelmingly positive reputation speak for itself. She’s joyful, creative, funny, compassionate, collaborative, and ready to blow the doors off Abeego. I’m honored to introduce Linda Biggs as the new Head of Operations.

Read on and hear from Linda about her passion for People, Culture and Growth.

Who are you and what lights up your life?

I’m passionate about kindling dreams in others and working with teams to help them do their best work. This is what I read about, dream about, and want to learn the most about. I’m the mother of two incredible humans and the wife of an incredibly supportive husband. These three inspire me daily to keep things fun and not sweat the small stuff.

What unique perspective do you bring to Abeego?

Starting my career in the very traditional corporate world through auditing, governance, and project management gave me a unique insight into how I would and wouldn’t want to build a company.

My last five years of startup and tech leadership experience provided me with first-hand knowledge of how to support a company's growth and its people.

Having experience in both corporate and startups worlds provides me with a unique perspective. Something I strongly believe is that culture eats strategy. A business can have the best product, customers, and top-line revenue but if people are not a priority, the strategy is useless.

How will your perspective influence what’s on the horizon for Abeego?

Abeego is so much more than a beeswax wrap company. It’s a lifestyle. The wholehearted pioneer defines how we want to be in this world - the values, the goals, the way we interact with each other. My dream has always been to work with a company that grows into something more than the sum of its parts. Abeego is prime for that and the world is hungry for it. My role at Abeego is to build the operational foundations needed to support that kind of company. I’m laying the foundational work for the big dreams we’re striving to reach.

Our mission, “Keep Food Alive” resonates differently for everyone. What does Keep Food Alive mean to you?

It’s an ethos. It’s how we interact with food and how we connect with others through food. Food is life.

Keeping food alive, to me, reflects how we move through life and how food plays a part in that journey.


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