How Do I Know What's Inside My Abeego Food Wrap?

Wrap your Abeego in different ways to tell what's inside

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How Do I Know What’s in Abeego?

The guiding principle at Abeego is to take cues from nature.

Toni set out to redefine how to keep food alive—not fresh. So she didn’t look to plastic wrap for inspiration. Instead, she started at the source like the lemon rind, onion skin, and banana peel. Right before her eyes was an obvious clue! Nature wraps fresh, living food in a peel, skin, or rind that’s opaque!

In the natural world, there are no instances of transparent “food wrap.” Toni knew creating a see-through product was baseless because the principles behind clear-food-storage didn’t make sense.

Exposure to light is a major, often overlooked, contributor to food spoilage and is called photodegradation. It, in part with oxidation, can cause foods to lose fats, proteins, and vitamins, which results in discoloration, and off-flavors. Abeego blocks light, keeping food fresh, tasty and as nutritious as possible until it’s eaten.

How to tell what's in your Abeego beeswax wrap?  

What’s in that Abeego?

Making the switch to Abeego is an adventure for your senses! Embrace the change with these simple techniques.

Employ ALL your senses. Play “What’s in that Abeego?” with us! It’s surprisingly easy to identify what’s inside Abeego without “seeing.” Give it a gentle squish, a sniff, or judge the weight and examine the shape. As an added bonus, this will keep your brain sharp as a tack, and your senses alive, by relying on them more often. And when all else fails, take a quick peek!

Wrap it like a pro. Different wrapping techniques can help your Abeego stand out in the crowd. The envelope, the candy twist, the bag, the burrito wrap are all  Experimenting with different wrapping styles will help you know what’s inside.

Keep friends together. Parsley and mint, chives and dill, or a mix of spring greens are better together, so why separate them? Roll food friends together to save wraps and fridge space.

More tips: Building the Abeego habit

  • Check before you cut. Checking the fridge first before you chop of fresh fruit or veg will help food stay fresh and cut down waste.
  • Mix it up! Mix up berries in a bowl and cover with Abeego. Perfect for ice cream, oatmeal or a midday snack.
  • Keep food covered. Minimize exposure to light to keep food alive longer.





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