How Long Do Beeswax Wraps Last?

How do I know when I need a new beeswax wrap? Abeego

Abeego wraps are a reusable consumable like your well-loved t-shirt—it doesn’t last forever. With regular use and care, over time your t-shirt gets stained, has a few holes, and wears thin. Like your old t-shirt, Abeego wraps eventually wear out and require replacing. And just like your old t-shirt, there are ways to upcycle it and give it another life!

How long does Abeego last?

Abeego beeswax wraps will last at least a year with regular use and proper care. Proper care means washing in cold water only, and avoiding contact with raw meat, direct heat, and oily foods.

How do I know when I need to replace my Abeego wraps?

While Abeego can last well over a year, they are a consumable good you’ll need to replace at some point. It’s time to grab a fresh Abeego when your wrap feels worn out, i.e. the wax has thinned revealing the fabric.


 Can I rewax my Abeego at home?

Avoid the temptation to recoat your Abeego at home. Not only will you spend way too much time cleaning up your kitchen afterward, it’s never the same as a fresh sheet. We’ve created a unique formula and infusion process that can’t be replicated. With over 15 years of experience, we know what we’re talking about!

What will happen if I use a worn out Abeego wrap?

With less wax and fabric exposed, your Abeego will stain easier, hold on to food odors, and most importantly, let too much air pass through, causing food to deteriorate.

How long does Abeego Last?

How do I dispose of Abeego wraps at the end of their life?

Here’s where the fun begins! Here are our top 5 ways to give your Abeego wraps a second life:

  1. Fire Starters - they work like a hot damn! Cut into strips or crumple into a tight ball. Light and never struggle with getting a campfire or charcoal BBQ going again.
  2. Garden Ties - a savior for staking tomato plants and supporting climbing vegetables. Cut it into little strips to make twist ties. 
  3. Cutting Board Mat - no more sliding cutting boards! Add extra grip below cutting surfaces with a worn-out Abeego.
  4. Freezer Compost Bag - fold rectangle wraps into a bag to catch all your produce scraps and freeze them for soup stock. Or use it to toss the scraps into your compost bin. Rinse & repeat!
  5. Wrap Gardening Tools - Wrap your old wraps around the handles of your tools for when you need a little extra grip in the garden!

Ready to refresh your collection?


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