How Long Can I Use Abeego Food Wraps For?

How do I know when I need a new beeswax wrap? Abeego

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How long does Abeego last?

Washing your Abeego in cold water, and with proper care, your Abeego beeswax wraps should last you over a year.


How can I tell if I need a new Abeego?

While Abeego can last well over a year, they are a consumable good that you’ll need to replace every so often. You’ll know it’s time to grab a fresh Abeego when your Abeego feels threadbare and less waxy. The photos below showcase the common lifecycle of Abeego. 

Photo 1: Fresh Abeego in the house! 

Photo 2: Starting to get some unique creases from all of the foods they have been keeping alive. Still plenty of life left!

Photo 3: They're unapologetically displaying their whole life's food-saving story. Does your family looks concerned when you pull them out? It's time for a fresh set!



Can I recoat my Abeego at home?

You should avoid the temptation to recoat your Abeego at home. Not only will you spend way too much time cleaning up your kitchen afterwards, it also never turns out the same as a fresh sheet. We’ve created a specially blended formula that’ll be difficult to match at home. We also have machines to help with the coating process, ensuring it goes on smooth, without any gaps or bumps.


What will happen if I use a threadbare Abeego?

If your Abeego is threadbare, it will stain easier, hold on to strong smells, and let too much air pass through, causing food to not last as long.

How long does Abeego Last?

More tips: Building the Abeego habit

  • Wash your Abeego like you would a plate. Let dry in the dish rack or hang to dry, no wringing required.
  • Keep your Abeego away from heat
    • Never use Abeego in the stove or microwave
    • Let your food cool before covering
    • Keep out of the sun on hot days
  • What to do with my Abeego when it’s at the end of its lifespan?
    • Compost it
    • Cut it into strips and use as twist ties in the garden

How can I tell if I need a new Abeego


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