Illuminate your Inner Pioneer with Abeego Twist

Illuminate your Inner Pioneer with Abeego Twist

Even before the food is ready, you can smell it: banana chocolate chip muffins baking in the oven, holiday dinners, and Sunday brunches— oh those delicious Sunday Brunches. Simply the smell of the food cooking is enough to make your mouth water and all the memories of meals with loved ones come flooding back.  

At the root of many of our memorable meals with friends and family is fire.

Creating memorable meals with Abeego Twist and beach campfires

Whether it’s stoking the fire, dining by candlelight or sparking your pioneering spirit of growing food in the garden, we’ve got you covered. We’ve created a way to ignite a fire and fuel your passions while being zero-waste, eco-conscious and chemical-free.

Abeego Twists are made in small batches and are born out of a desire to use “the whole beast,” we give our materials their fullest life because we believe every resource matters. Made from the discarded edges of Abeego beeswax wraps,  means they are water resistant and long burning without any harmful chemicals. 


FIRE | Crumple loosely to ignite a campfire when you’re exploring the frontier or a BBQ to kick off the weekend at home. Either way, your belly will thank you. 

Abeego Twists Beeswax Food Wraps Campfire Uses

Abeego Twist Creating memorable meals with fire

Abeego Twist use to create a fire. Beeswax food wraps


TORCH |  Wrap securely around slender driftwood for beach party tiki torches. Party like our ancestors, only with colder beer.


CANDLE |  Twist tightly for a cozy ambiance at your family gathering. Conversation starter included.

Abeego Twist twist tightly to use for candles

|  Pack neatly in your emergency kit for light and warmth. Earn your preparedness badge over a can of hot soup.


GARDEN | Loop gently around your trellis to fasten your tomatoes, peas or beans to keep them upright. There’s a thousand ways to tie a knot. 

Tie your trellis' hang your garlic with Abeego Twists


We’d love to see your favorite ways to use Abeego Twist. Take a picture of your #AbeegoTwist and tag @abeego on Instagram.


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