Kitchen Memories with Kids

Baking with your Kids using Abeego Beeswax wraps

Entertaining children over the holidays, especially the days leading up to Christmas can sometimes take all of your creativity. One of our favorite ways to entertain our children is to bake with them.

Building fond memories of baking and cooking in the kitchen can help the next generations to grow up and love to take part in being in the kitchen and helps to pass the wisdom of cooking from generation to generation.


Baking with children using Abeego beeswax food wraps


Baking with children, especially wee ones, can sometimes feel like the ultimate test of patience. Earlier this season the wonderful Katrina Massey let us join her in the kitchen with her stunning family to create some kitchen memories.

Katrina bakes weekly with her children and has passed along some of her best tips to ensure that the process is enjoyable for everyone.

Use Abeego beeswax food wrap to reduce mess when baking with kids


Make the dough the night before and wrap it in Abeego

Children only have so much of an attention span! Making the dough the night before.


Use Abeego to roll the dough out on

This also creates a visible workstation for your kids and hopefully ensures that they won't throw flour everywhere on your counter.

Use cookie cutters to make fun shapes for decorating the tops of the Pie

It’s no secret that kids love cookie cutters, let them help to use the rolling pin and make the shapes. At this stage be sure to remember that it’s the process over perfection. Those less than perfect shapes will make a better than perfect pie.

Once your pies have cooled cover them with Abeego

Be sure to let your pies cool before you use Abeego to cover them. Heat is not a friend of Abeego as it melts the wax. Let your pies cool and then cover to transport them or create a small pouch for cookies on the go!

Be Patient

It can be easy to want to rush the process when you want to get things done around the holidays. Try to remember that tiny hands love to explore. Tasting, squishing, poking and questions are part of the experience which helps your children love food.


Make memories and cookies. Let your kids help in the kitchen and foster the love of food with Abeego.

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