Plastic Free July - Meet Sustainable Brands

Plastic Free July - Meet Sustainable Brands

Beginning in 2017, Plastic Free July has acted as a movement to inspire folks around the world to pay attention to their personal plastic consumption during the month of July and beyond.

We believe that every sustainable switch, no matter how small, makes a positive impact. By supporting eco-conscious brands like the ones below, you can help reduce your personal plastic consumption all year round.

Brands Making a Positive Impact All Year Round:

Sustainable Beauty: 

Dew Mighty (@dewmighty) 

DEW MIGHTY is pioneering slow beauty that focuses on high-impact results without plastic, water, and always striving for zero waste. Their formulas are tested for all skin types (even the most sensitive!) and are created to be multi-purpose, refillable, and travel compactly which makes them a favorite for a life filled with adventure.

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Foster Skin Care (@foster.skincare) 

Simple, effective, and refillable. Foster products are designed to foster a connection between our skin, the products we use, and the plants they come from. To work with our skin to nourish, protect and care - all while doing the same for our planet.

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3 products from Foster skin care

Elate Beauty (@elatecosmetics)

Elate thinks less is more, especially with 30% of all global waste accredited to cosmetics. Curating a capsule of beloved, refillable, and recyclable products not only saves you the energy and money of cluttering your cosmetics case with lipsticks you’ll never wear, it also saves landfills from unnecessary waste. 

Save 20% with code: PlasticFreeJuly

Elate cosmetics

Plastic-Free Personal Care 

Terra & Co (@terraandco) 

Working with holistic dentists, scientists, and leading chemists, Terra & Co. developed a premium line of Ayurvedic-inspired oral care packaged thoughtfully with recyclable materials to reduce massive global waste.

Save 20% with code: PlasticFreeJuly

terra and co

Nelson Naturals (@nelsonnaturals) 

Nelson Naturals has been creating zero waste toothpaste for close to a decade (long before Zero Waste was a thing!) Their focus is on creating natural, non-toxic, refillable options for the whole family. Think Outside The Tube with Nelson Naturals.

Save 15% with code: PFJULY

nelson naturals crush & brush tooth paste and tooth brush

joni (@get_joni) 

Organic and biodegradable, joni is your better disposable period care that works for you and—with their period equity promise—your community. That's 21st-century period care. Available in stores, online, and via subscription

Use PLASTICFREE10 for 10% off your first purchase or PLASTICFREE50 for 50% off your first month.

joni sustainable period care products

Kooshoo (@feelingkooshoo) 

KOOSHOO is a line of plant-based hair accessories born from the philosophy that business is a powerful way to share a message. Created as sustainable products that fill a need and empowering customers and workers without adding to the load that is weighing down the planet, the line has expanded to include Hair Ties, Scrunchies and Headbands sold around the world.

Save 20% on orders of $35+: GOPLASTICFREE

Kooshoo plastic free & plant based hair ties

Coconut Matter (@coconutmatter) 

Coconut Matter was born out of a mother’s desire to create safe and effective products for her daughter. Their handcrafted products range from natural deodorants to mosquito repellent - all of which are vegan, cruelty-free, and 100% single-use plastic-free.

Save 10% plus a free lip balm for first 100 customers!

coconut matter

Planet Friendly Apparel 

WVN (@shopwvn) 

WVN creates timeless and versatile wardrobe pieces for modern women using the highest Fair Trade and earth-friendly certifications in the industry. From seed to closet, they are plastic-free, even down to their packaging. Come for the company ethos, stay for the classic clothing you'll have for a long, long time.

Save 20% with code: WVN20

wvn sustainable clothing

ecologyst (@ecologyst_) 

ecologyst is more than an apparel brand. We tell stories of natural explorations and highlight the journey to living a more sustainable, intentional life. ecologyst makes clothing in North America using all-natural fibers and pays our people a family living wage. We believe in owning fewer, better quality pieces made from nature, for nature. To keep things circular, products are built to last and come with repairs for life.

Save 15% with code: PLASTICFREEJULY15 (excludes second life products)

ANIÁN (@anianmfg) 

ANIÁN is a circular fashion company based on the West Coast of Canada. By giving new life to salvaged natural textiles, we can create in ways that have a positive impact on our shared planet.

Save 20% with code: UPCYCLE (One time use per customer - not valid on sale items)

anian circular & slow fashion

Low Waste Home & Lifestyle Essentials 

Better Basics (@betterbasicsco) 

They believe that reducing plastic should be easy. Better Basics’ line of reusable containers, eco swaps and personal care refills help you say no to plastic and yes to a better experience. Their all-natural, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients are gentle on you + the planet.

Save 15% with code: PlasticFreeJuly

better basics ecofriendly cleaning supplies

Seventh & Oak (@seventhandoak) 

Seventh & Oak was created as an alternative to over-scented candles with artificial ingredients. Their eco-friendly wood wick candles are responsibly made for discerning noses to comfort, soothe and inspire. 

15% OFF with code: SOPLASTICFREE

seventh & oak wood wick candles

ChopValue (@chopvalue) 

ChopValue creates beautiful office and homeware essentials engineered from recycled chopsticks. Every product makes a positive impact on the environment, showing how we can lead by example by redefining the term waste to resource, one chopstick at a time.

Save 15% with code: PLASTICFREE

chop value home & office essentials made from upcycled chopsticks

Abeego (@abeego) 

Hey that's us! Go plastic-free in the kitchen this July with Abeego beeswax wrap. Keep cut fruits & veggies, cover jars & bowls, and extend the life of your food to the very last bite. Reusable, plastic-free, and lasts a year. You'll be saying goodbye to plastic faster than you can say avocado.

Get 20% off single wraps with code: PFJULY

abeego beeswax wrap covering a mason jar

Cheeks Ahoy (@cheeksahoyhandmade) 

These are some of the easiest and best swaps you can make to ditch single-use disposables. Cheeks Ahoy products not only help protect the environment, they will also save money, not to mention they function way better than the disposable items they replace.

PFJ20 (for 20% off everything site-wide, valid from July 1-31.)

cheeks ahoy sustainable swaps to single use disposables

Good Juju (@hellogoodjuju_) 

Good Juju offers plastic-free, high-performance body & home care products, made with all-natural & certified-organic ingredients. Their award-winning concentrated solid shampoo & conditioner bars leave hair feeling healthy, shiny, and nourished. It’s Zero Waste with Zero Compromise!

Save 15% with code: PLASTICFREE15

goodjuju high performance body & health products

Zero Waste MVMT (@zerowastemvmt) 

Zero Waste MVMT is an earth-first brand with a mission to create a waste-free future. With a wide range of convenient and sustainable swaps from kitchen to personal care products, reducing waste in your home and helping the environment has never been easier! Check out their best-selling shampoo bars and solid dish soap bars and save 15% with code "PFJ15" during the month of July.

Save 15% with code: PFJ15

zero waste mvmt soap bars

Discount Codes are valid for the month of July.

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