Spring Gift Guide

Spring Gift Guide

Spring has sprung & gifting season has begun! As we stumble out of winter hibernation, we welcome the warmth of daylight, the small yet mighty sprouts from our favorite seeds, and the rainfalls that nourish the future harvest. Along with these spring-showers come baby showers, bridal showers, graduations, and bounties of budding gift opportunities. 

Extend Spring's freshness and prepare for any occasion the season brings with the Abeego Spring Gift Guide. As a cherry on top, you’ll receive a FREE cotton & linen tea towel on orders $65+ - perfect to dry and buff Abeego or use as reusable gift wrap.


As you dig in, keep the upcoming gifting occasions in mind:
Graduation gift ideas
Mother’s Day gift ideas
Father’s Day gift ideas
Baby shower gift ideas
Wedding gift ideas
Bridal shower gift ideas
Anniversary gift ideas
Housewarming gift ideas
Birthday gift ideas

For the Gardeners

Those with a green thumb will save their season's yield with the Large Wrap Set paired with the Giant. Bunches of kale, heads of broccoli, or heaps of snap peas, their bounty is in good hands with Abeego. Tip: fold the Giant into a bag to collect tomatoes in bulk!

For the New Parents

Guardians of little ones are familiar with the struggle of half-eaten foods, so gift a Small and Medium Wrap Set. Halved apples, quartered peaches, and bowls of porridge or spaghetti can be saved for days. The best part? Abeego is all-natural and plastic-free!

For the Foodies 

Gourmands and cooks will devour one of each size with the Variety & the Giant combo. From single bay leaves to entire loaves of bread, there's no food they can’t treasure! 

For the Spring Babies

Why do most birthdays seem to be in the spring? Simplify the season with the Variety 4-Pack. With three different sizes in each box, make the Aries’, Taurus’ & Geminis’ day memorable with the reusable, inspiring & practical gift that keeps on giving.

For the Outdoorsy Types

The season's mantra is to spend time outdoors where we can visit, adventure, and connect. Gift a Large to the backyard BBQers to cover salad bowls or a Giant to tackle a whole charcuterie board. Backcountry fanatics will go wild for the Medium to keep pre-portioned trail snacks fresh and a set of Firestarters to spark their adventure. 

Shipping is a cinch! Have Abeego delivered right to their doorstep by entering their shipping address at checkout.




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