Ten Years of Abeego | Champagne, Mac and Cheese and a Surprise Wedding

Women in Business | Canadian founder and Inventor of Beeswax Food Wraps Toni Desrosiers celebrates 10 years of Abeego

Glasses of bubbly lifted to the sky as we toasted to ten years of Abeego along with the hearts, hands and heads that have touched our company in some remarkable way. It was an evening filled with laughter, hugs and a ton of ugly crying. Toni and Colin shocked us all with a surprise no one anticipated, not even Toni’s mother-in-law who was later heard saying, “You know, you almost killed me.” (And she was totally serious!)

Join us for the inside scoop into our 10th birthday party. We’d love to introduce you to some of the people that bring Abeego to life.

The Hearts, Hands and Heads

Without the support of family and friends that feel like family Toni would never have been able to pour herself into Abeego. It takes a community to raise an entrepreneur, and these are the people that have had a remarkable impact on her.  

Toni Desrosiers Husband Colin

The one and only Colin Johnston. Toni’s credits Colin with keeping her Alive. Not only that, Colin saves the day at Abeego more times a week than anyone could imagine.

Abeego 10th Birthday party | We're thankful for the support of our families

Colin’s sister and mom (left)   Linda -Toni’s Mom Cyne & Mary (right) 

Hannah Parker | Abeego Founder's best friend for the last 25 years.

Hannah Parker - Toni’s best friend for the last 25 years.

Parker Rose Heir to the Abeego Throne

Parker Rose - Daughter. Heir to Abeego. And a constant reminder to come up for air.
Special thanks to Vanessa Santing for taking incredible care of Parker and being part of the family!

When there’s something wrong, call one of these women!

Here’s a less than exhaustive list of the women Toni leans on. Each one has played a pivotal part in Abeego’s and Toni’s success.

Women in Business and Female Founders | Victoria BC

Left to Right Suzanne Bradbury (Founder of Fort Properties), Tessa McLoughlin (founder of Club Kwench), Toni Desrosiers (Founder and Chief Visionary at Abeego), Nicole Smith (Founder of Flytographer), Parker (future Abeego CEO), Linda Biggs (Head of Ops at Abeego)

Elate Cosmetics Founder and SheEO activist

Melodie Reynolds, Founder of Elate Cosmetics

Abeego 10th Birthday party Victoria BC at Fort Commons

Alyssa Dewer & Karen Knowlton (pictured with Linda Desrosiers) Our financial team.

Paige Whitehead, fellow inventor - Nyoka and Sara Burchnall, RBC Commercial Advisor.
Paige Whitehead, fellow inventor - Nyoka and Sara Burchnall, RBC Commercial Advisor.

Vicki Saunders (Founder of SheEO) and Katherine Walker of Wildplay at Abeego's 10th Birthday
Vicki Saunders (Founder of SheEO) and Katherine Walker of Wildplay - Two of Toni’s remarkable mentors.

Founder and canadian inventor of the beeswax wrap Toni Desrosiers

“When you’re an entrepreneur, your company hijacks pretty much every single moment of your life, so everything you do is woven into your business. Everything that happens in your business is woven into your life. So I want you to raise your glass with me, because after 10 years, my life matters, and I’m going to hijack this party right now.”

… and then, Toni and Colin made it official. Married! With Parker by their side.

Toni Desrosiers surprise wedding and 10th Birthday Party

Abeego 10th Birthday Party and surprise wedding


The Setting

We couldn’t have dreamed of a more beautiful venue, bringing our Keep Food Alive mission to life. From the florals and seating to the cocktails and canapes, it was an evening to remember.

Rock Paper Square Event Design for Abeego 10th Birthday at Fort Street Commons

The Food & Drink

DIY mac and cheese bar anyone? Pairs perfectly with a Bees Knees cocktail, leaving both our hearts and bellies full!

Lobster Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese from Toque Catering

Thank you to everyone that helped breathe life to our 10th birthday.
Here’s to the next 10!


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