The Last Green Smoothie You'll Ever Need

parsley wrapped in abeego

Hate green smoothies? It’s okay. I did too. Then a few months ago I dove stomach first into the Conscious Cleanse and got hooked on their deliciously, simple Green Mango Smoothie.

The Green Mango smoothie has three ingredients: Romaine lettuce, fresh parsley and a ripe mango. I sighed the first time I made it, thinking I’d have to brave through it. To my surprise it was light, refreshing and the best mid morning snack I’ve had in recent memory. One day we ran out of romaine lettuce it it got simplified even further and now it’s just one bunch of parsley, one ripe mango and two cups of water. My Green Mango smoothie is the bridge between breakfast and lunch that I can’t live without it.

I have a few other green smoothies in my recipe box that I’ll resort to should I absolutely have to but right now it’s the star of my morning. I keep four bundles of parsley in the fridge all snuggled together in a Giant Abeego and four to six mangoes on my La Denise eau at all times.

This unassuming smoothie has not only nixed my mindless snacking habits but it’s curbed my purchase habits. Parsley is Cheap! But that’s not even the best part. It’s full of vitamins and minerals, low on the Glycemic index and rich with antioxidant nutrients. Now all I want to do is re-brand Parsley. It's more than a garnish friends.

parsley mango green smoothie

Here’s the original Green Mango Smoothie from the Conscious Cleanse

2 large mangoes

(frozen, about 2 cups of fruit)

1 ½ cups parsley

1 cup romaine lettuce

2 cups water

And here’s our take:

1 ripe mango

1 bunch of parsley

2 cups of water

Instructions: In a high-speed blender, blend parsley, mangoes, romaine lettuce, and water until creamy or if you're like us use your beloved immersion blender. It’ll be a bit chewier but clean-up is a breeze.

parsley mango green smoothie

We have to sincerely thank Jo and Jules for making me dig into something I thought I didn’t like. They expanded my palate or at least hit the reset.

Loving the Green Mango Smoothie? Here’s a green smoothie treasure trove!

Love from,

The Abeego Hive


About the Conscious Cleanse and Why I Did It

I remember being in nutrition school and talking about the common symptoms facing people who’d neglected their own well being. The question that has stuck with me for the last 12 years was, “Do you feel rested when you wake up in the morning.” I remember thinking it was a ridiculous question. If you’ve slept 8 hours you were obviously going to feel rested. Time and time again, the answer to the question was, “No. I don’t feel rested even when I’ve gotten enough sleep.”

Well, a few months ago, I pulled my sorry butt out of bed and asked myself the question. Like the clients I used to judge, I realized morning after morning I was dragging myself out of bed. I was just as tired when my feet hit floor as I was when my head it the pillow.  

Luckily for me, at a SheEO event in Colorado, I sat next to Jo Schaalman and I knew in an instant I’d be doing the Conscious Cleanse.

Check out our blog Kindred Kitchen | Introducing Jo & Jules of Conscious Cleanse to learn more about why Jo and Jules started the Conscious Cleanse. Click here to be notified when registration for Sept. 6 Cleanse opens.

Happy Cleansing!
Toni Desrosiers

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  • Dallas Spiecker

    So true – I have been waking up less and less rested lately. And the SheEO conference looks amazing!

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