The Season of Subtle Thank Yous

The Season of Subtle Thank Yous


Whether you've gifted Abeego before or not, we've curated some subtle gift ideas for all year round.

We can’t wait for the day when we can host our loved ones around an intimate dinner table or offer them a bear-like embrace. The time will come, and we’re patiently waiting it out as we experiment with sourdough, up our garden game and binge the latest Netflix series. 

With the inability to share this physical closeness right now, we’re here to help you meaningfully express your gratitude while respecting the distance. 



Abeego provides purpose & opportunity rather than clutter or redundancy. It's the best gift for under $20 to offer heartfelt appreciation for any occasion.


The Variety Wrap Set 

Did your neighbor mow your lawn? Your in-laws share their homemade jam? 

The Variety Wrap Set contains one of each Small, Medium & Large wrap, offering them the ability to save foods of all sizes.


The Medium Wrap Set

Did your kiddo’s teacher make online classes look like a breeze? Are your niece & nephew heading back to school?

The Abeego Medium will be their litterless lunch-packing sidekick. 



The Giant Wrap

Did someone drop off their famous casserole or bundle of cookies on your doorstep?

Give them a Giant to keep their creations under wraps next time. 



It's a season of subtle thank-yous and heartfelt gratitude and Abeego is the gift that simply keeps on giving. 



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