Valentine's Gift Guide

Valentine's Gift Guide

The way to their heart, Abeego.

Find your valentine a sweet gift that lasts longer than flowers and extends the life of their food to the very last bite.

Home Chef

What do you get someone who owns all the kitchen essentials? Abeego. If food is their love language, then the Variety is the perfect pairing.

Solo Household

Cooking for one is tough! One person doesn’t typically consume an entire onion, pepper, avocado, or lemon in one sitting. Help them extend the life of their groceries with the 5-pack small wrap. You’ll always be their favorite valentine.

Cheese Lover

Their one true love, cheese. Abeego wraps protect & breathe, providing the ideal environment for cheese to thrive. Give the gift of freshly aged cheese for what feels like forever. Shop medium pack

Greens Queen

From fresh spinach & kale, to red leaf & romaine, they can’t live without fresh greens in their fridge. Easily wrap them in Abeego large beeswax wraps to keep them alive longer than ever expected. With every crunch, they’ll think of you.


You’ll find them outside, basking in nature. From taking a cold dip to reaching the highest peaks, adventure speaks to their soul. Light their fire with a Mini Campfire, the portable & instant campfire to brighten any occasion.



If food is their love language, give them the gift of Abeego beeswax food wrap. It protects & breathes, mimicking nature's peel to keep fresh food for longer than ever imagined. Shop our best sellers.

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