We Are Nature | Earth Day Love

We Are Nature | Earth Day Love

Friends. We ARE nature.

I know it’s a bold statement. I know the concept makes some of you uncomfortable. I know it’s easier to think of yourself as impacting your surroundings rather than impacting yourself directly.

But here’s the thing, if you can’t be separated from the natural world, which you can’t, then every single positive or negative thing done in the world impacts you at the same rate.

So what’s the solution? Get positive. Be happy. Share joy. Focus on all the good things until the good outweighs the bad.

Bullshit right.

I know it’s not easy. It takes focus and commitment but worse case scenario, you’ll be a better person as a result. And what kind of impact could 7 billion better people focused on the good have on the earth anyway? A massive, mind blowing, earth shifting impact, that’s what.

So start small and imagine big. Change because, if you help earth, you help yourself.

Here are some easy ways to focus on the good until it outweighs the bad:

wild i spy

Go somewhere wild and play eye spy. 



Make out on a giant beach and notice your smallness and greatness simultaneously.



Notice your reflection in a tide pool and watch the waves wash you away with out a trace. 



Salivate over the edible bounty at the tips of your toes.



Share it with the littlest people you love so one day they share it with the littlest person they love. (thanks mom) 

Happy Earth Day Friends or should I say Happy Your Day! 

The Abeego Hive

Much love,

Toni and the Abeego Hive


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