What Happens if I Get Oil on my Abeego Food Wrap?

Use Abeego beeswax wraps as an alternative to plastic wrap and keep food alive and fresh for longer


If you’ve ever made a sandwich with a very enthusiastic dollop of pesto that went rogue or overflowing Summer Veggie Sandwiches, you may have some questions about oil and Abeego wraps.

Oil naturally integrates with all beeswax wraps, each a bit differently depending on the beeswax composition used. What’s in Abeego wraps can cause our signature “tacky” wrap to become a sticky wrap.

A little pesto spill here and a splash of salad dressing there is more of a cosmetic issue in the beginning and not something to worry about. Overtime, however, oil will erode the original properties of your Abeego, making it ineffective and smelling rancid.

So how do you prevent losing Abeego wraps due to oily foods? These following guidelines will ensure you don’t have to give up your Abeego due to a little oil spill.


Using Abeego to cover kale pesto and cheese | beeswax wraps plastic wrap alternative



One sure fire way to contain fats is to keep them cold, since oil will slow down or stop completely depending on whether it is saturated or unsaturated.

Saturated Fats

Butter and parmesan, for example, are fats that harden when cold and do not pose a significant threat to Abeego. When your sandwich has saturated fats in it, keep it cold by popping it in the fridge, or take an ice pack with you to keep the oils stable and your sandwich delicious. If you keep your sandwich on the counter too long the oil warms and moves to a liquid state and can seep. The best practice is to take what you need and then get it back in the fridge!

Unsaturated Fats

Fats like olive oil and natural peanut butter are always liquid. While they move slowly when cold they also seep quickly when warm. When wrapping foods that contain unsaturated fats you’ll definitely want to follow our next two principles.



Getting oil on your Abeego doesn’t mean it’s ready for the compost but it is best practice to wash it immediately in COLD water with dish soap any time after use, even for non-oily foods. 

Leaving your wraps out on the counter in a warm room will cause the oil to return to a liquid state that’s prone to seep into your Abeego. With proper care, your Abeego beeswax wraps should last you over a year.

 Wash Abeego beeswax wraps in cold water for the best care



If you can’t keep your oily food cold, it's best practice to avoid getting oil directly on your Abeego reusable food wraps for long periods of time. 

Don’t dress the whole bowl

Dress salads when you're ready to serve – this will save your Abeego, make your salad last longer, and reduce food waste. 

Pre-dressing a salad to take to a summer barbeque? Place in a bowl larger than needed so the salad won’t press up against your Abeego food wrap. Or take your dressing with you and mix it when you get there. Your salad will be tastier, and your greens won't wilt!

Use bread as a barrier

We get it! We love saucy sandwiches, too. When wrapping your sandwich in Abeego to take for lunch, use your bread as a barrier to keep the sauce inside the sandwich.

This will also help your mayo, pesto, or mustard from coloring or staining your Abeego wrap. Remember to keep it cold and pop it in the fridge or pack an ice pack!


Wrap sandwiches in Abeego beeswax wrap reusable food wrap


Living foods

By allowing foods to breathe, Abeego is a whole new way to Keep Food Alive  – not a plastic wrap alternative. Let Abeego guide you by using it for living foods – fruits, veggies and cheeses – and maintain all that natural goodness. 

When you ween yourself off plastic and live a plastic-wrap free food lifestyle, you may find yourself eating in a whole new, fresher and cleaner way.

Mason jars for saucy foods

For processed or precooked foods, glass mason jars are our favorite, eco-friendly storage go-to. Not just for jams and pickles, these jars are a great way for storing leftovers, soups, saucy foods, and salad dressings. 

Look no further than Pinterest for an array of mason jar layered salads, overnight oatmeal and smoothie recipes to inspire your recipe repertoire.





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