Which Food Freak Are You?

Which Food Freak Are You?

No need to dress up this Halloween. Our obsession with fresh living food means we’re already living our freakiest lives. Food freaks are all around us. You know them, or maybe you are one. Join us on social & tell us which food freak you are. 


Morticia Addams cuts off the rose from the stem in her greenhouse.

These enchanting folks can brew up compost cocktails, talk to their kale, and cast protective spells so their plant-children may thrive.


Sanderson sisters from the movie Hocus Pocus. Mary says to Winnie "I smell children", which has been adapted for Abeego to say "I smell cheese".

These ghoulish gourmands go to the ends of the earth to get genuine gouda to gobble with guests. Don’t get in their way of their beloved burrata, or you’ll bemoan it. 


Ghostface from the movie Scream holds a bloody knife.

Don’t dare interrupt the artist when it’s bread baking time. There's an intricate process, recipe, and gut feeling to making bread so tread lightly into the kitchen because they love their bread knives.


Dr. Finkelstein from the movie Nightmare before Christmas scratches his brain.

These tinkerers are always in their lab cooking up some new  frankenstein concoction, and looking for guinea pigs. You haven’t vomited yet, which boosts their confidence.


Hannibal Lecter

Stovetop to firepit, these aficionados can cook meat to their desired perfection and what to pair it with. Better skip dinner if they’re serving liver with fava beans and a nice Chianti.

Fresh food freaks love Abeego. Check out our best selling wraps and awaken your inner food freak.

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