Making Beeswax Wrap | Abeego


Abeego food wrap is in over a million kitchens worldwide, and we’re only at the beginning.

At Abeego we strive to uphold our core value: Appreciate Everyone and Everything. This means that we enthusiastically encourage women, people of Indigenous ancestry, people of colour, LGBTQ+ individuals and members of other diverse communities to apply for careers with our organization.


What if we’ve been storing fresh, living food all wrong? That’s the question that fuelled the invention of Abeego, the first beeswax food wrap in 2008. Today, Abeego is determined to disprove the airtight myth, a myth that’s been sold to us by big plastic in the 1950’s and has been sweating, suffocating and wasting our fresh food ever since.

Obsessed with extending the life of fresh food and ending food waste, Abeego was intentionally crafted to become the breathable and reusable, food preserving wrap it is today—a perfect replacement for nature’s rind or peel. Since that time, Abeego has grown to become a kitchen tool used worldwide and has inspired people all over the world to join their mission to Keep Food Alive. 

A certified B Corp, Abeego not only takes pride in doing better for all but they also maintain their certification to demonstrate that they are walking the walk in all aspects of their business. This means a product that helps the planet, a company that does good in their community, and an employer that exemplifies a people-first approach from onboarding to offboarding and all the growth and connection that happens in between.  With headquarters in Victoria BC, Abeego is a small team that supports production, distribution, and sales of its product.


Our core values are tightly woven into the fabric of Abeego. Each one lives where logic and inspiration meet and guide us on our mission to Keep Food Alive in pursuit of food for all at the pace of nature.

Appreciate Everyone and Everything
We cherish, harvest, and regenerate the natural resources abundant in people and the planet, appreciating that it’s the many individuals who will bring something unique to co-create the world we’re in pursuit of.

Hunger to Feed
Knowing what you feed grows, we commune around the table and ground ourselves in reciprocity and curiosity, eager to exchange what we have with those around us. 

Do Good. Do Better.
We bring our best with a can-do, will-do, will-learn attitude and then evolve it through collaboration and teamwork into something even better that will create a positive impact through our company and community.




See an opportunity? We’d love to hear your thoughts, stories, and ideas for making Abeego a household name. Please email