How to Keep Cauliflower Fresh

Welcome to the Abeego Test Kitchen where we explore food storage methods to understand and preserve the life of our fresh living food. Abeego is the original beeswax food wrap that breathes. Reusable for a year, Abeego keeps food fresh for longer than ever imagined. 


Forget about how to keep your cauliflower fresh. Instead, let’s talk about how to keep cauliflower alive. Enjoy this nutritious bundle to the very last floret! Keep reading to learn how you too can relish in the victory of perfectly-preserved cauliflower.


Our Method
We pitted Abeego against using nothing when storing a cauliflower in the fridge, one half saved in Abeego, the other without Abeego. 


Our Results
Look at the difference in size! Wrapped in Abeego, the curds on the left are firm and large with still perky greens. The shrinkage in the naked cauliflower on the right is dramatically noticeable! In numbers, the Abeego-wrapped cauliflower retained 12x more moisture, having lost only 0.65% of its original weight, versus the unwrapped cauliflower, which lost 7.5% of its weight.


Why it Matters
When we toss cauliflower, we also toss all of the energy and resources put into growing, harvesting and transporting it, not to mention our own time and money we spend to get it to our kitchens. Abeego offers more time and opportunity to devour the healthy & nutritious cauliflower we love, so it ends up in our bellies rather than the compost. Reducing food waste is a breeze with Abeego food wrap. 


Win at Home
Comprised of 92% water, cauliflower is susceptible to rapid dehydration, which is why grocery stores wrap it in plastic. However, your cauliflower is alive and needs to breathe! Abeego acts like nature’s peel, such as a lemon peel with pores to breathe. At the same time, it stops cauliflower from drying out too quickly by protecting it from air, light & moisture. Wrap the whole head in a Giant or a half in a Large and enjoy cauliflower for longer than ever imagined.