How to Keep Cilantro Fresh

Welcome to the Abeego Test Kitchen where we explore food storage methods to understand and preserve the life of our fresh living food. Abeego is the original beeswax food wrap that breathes. Reusable for a year, Abeego keeps food fresh for longer than ever imagined. 


Gone are the days of withered herbs. Keep your cilantro vibrant, full of life and bursting with palate-awakening taste for weeks on end with Abeego reusable food wrap. Dig in to our cilantro experiment below!


Our Method
We weighed two bunches of fresh cilantro, wrapped one in Abeego and left the other naked, then stored in the fridge drawer. We weighed them again after 4 days.

Our Results

The cilantro stored in Abeego retained 96% of its moisture, while the naked cilantro only retained 70%. In other words, cilantro wrapped in Abeego retained over 8X more of its natural moisture and nutrients than cilantro left bare!

Why it Matters
When we toss herbs, we also toss all of the energy and resources put into growing, harvesting and transporting them, not to mention our own time and money we spend getting them to our kitchen. Abeego offers more time and opportunity to devour the healthy & nutritious herbs we love, so they end up in our bellies rather than the compost. Reducing food waste is a breeze with Abeego food wrap.  


Win at Home

Bring home cilantro again! It won’t go to waste when you save it in Abeego food wrap. Abeego protects cilantro’s delicate leaves from drying out. At the same time, because Abeego is breathable, excess moisture can escape. Cilantro’s respiration process is slowed down and retains its vital moisture and nutrients for longer. Lay diagonally on a Large Abeego food wrap, roll it up and fold in the ends or twist them like a bon bon. Keeping cilantro alive is really that simple.