How to Keep Tomatoes Fresh

Welcome to the Abeego Test Kitchen where we explore food storage methods to understand and preserve the life of our fresh living food. Abeego is the original beeswax food wrap that breathes. Reusable for a year, Abeego keeps food fresh for longer than ever imagined. 
Say HELLO to plump & refreshingly-tasty tomatoes bursting with flavor and nutrition for longer than ever imagined. The results from our tomato experiment are pretty juicy. Dig in below!
Our Method
We cut a Roma tomato in half, wrapped one half in Abeego and the other face down on a plate, and weighed them. In our second test we left the uncovered tomato half face up. We weighed the tomatoes again after 6 days. We kept all tomatoes in the fridge.



Our Results
The Abeego wrapped tomato half retained 98.37% of its moisture, 11X more than the uncovered, face up tomato, and 4X more than the uncovered, face down tomato.

Why it Matters
When we toss tomatoes, we also toss all of the energy and resources put into growing, harvesting and transporting them, not to mention our own time and money we spend to get them to our kitchens. Abeego offers more time and opportunity to devour these healthy & nutritious rubies, so they end up in our bellies rather than the compost. Reducing food waste is a breeze with Abeego food wrap. 



Win at Home

Abeego provides a second-skin for thin-skinned tomatoes. Cut or whole, all tomatoes benefit from an extra layer of protection that also allows them to breathe. In a bowl or on its own, keep tomatoes alive by wrapping in Abeego cut side up and in the fridge. Overripe whole tomatoes? Protect them in Abeego and store in the fridge to slow them down. Not ripe enough? Store tomatoes under a Large or Medium Abeego on the counter.