Picot Collective & Abeego

three images - Abeego wrapping the end of a cucumber, Abeego wrapping an avocado and Abeego wrapping an apple  


We're thrilled to be a part of the Picot Community. We can't wait to gather with our loved ones and share the incredible meals in this cookbook. Ready more about Abeego & sign up for your free wrap below.


Abeego food wrap keeps food fresh for longer than ever thought possible. We're talkin' crisp-lettuce-and-green-avocado-for-weeks kinda long.

Invented in 2008 and named Best Reusable Food Wrap by America's Test Kitchen & Cook's Illustrated, we're proud to be the original beeswax food wrap to Keep Food Alive.

Abeego is self adhesive and size variant, saving everything from a single wedge of lime to an entire sourdough loaf. Simply wrap, wash, & reuse for a year to reduce food AND plastic waste right in your own kitchen.



vibrant and zesty lemon wrapped in Abeego and a slimy lemon wrapped in plastic
The lemon on the left was wrapped in Abeego for 14 days and the lemon on the right in plastic for 14 days. Which would you rather squeeze atop your salad?


green avocado after being wrapped in Abeego for 16 days

 This avocado was wrapped in Abeego for 16 days. That's right, over two weeks. Notice how the surface has slightly dried in the middle image? Simply slice off a thin layer and find green vibrance to pile atop your toast!



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