rhubarb, cheese and cucumbers wrapped in Abeego


Skeptical? We were too. The possibility of keeping a sliced avocado green for days and a bunch of cilantro perky and vibrant for weeks might seem ridiculous. We hear ya. 

As the inventors of the product, it took us months to fully understand just how awesome our formula is for keeping our food alive for unimaginable lengths of time. Abeego works. Trust us. Wait until the you unwrap that forgotten yet still-luscious half lemon from the back of your fridge. Then you’ll understand the impulsive kitchen victory dance. We’ll be over here, cheering you on.

Here’s the deal. If the benefit of using Abeego to extend the life of your food is not glaringly obvious in the first 30 days and we can’t convince you otherwise, contact us right away and we'll refund you for the value of your Abeego.