Six Ways to Reduce Food Waste


6 Ways to Reduce Your Food Waste  

Food is meant to be cherished and savoured–so it’s a wonder why 40% of fresh food get tossed into the waste bin in each year in North America. Because we love squeezing every ounce of nutrition and flavor out of our food, we like to be sure we are using up whole products as best as possible. Here are some tips to help you run a waste-free kitchen:


1: Reconsider the “Undesirables”– There are so many delicious ways to reuse food scraps! Food scraps like rinds, and bones can be reused for soup stocks. Stems can be repurposed for pestos or added to smoothies! Citrus peels can be zested or used to brighten beverages. The options are endless!

2: Bulk Doesn’t Mean Budget– Don’t load up on perishable goods the way you do toilet paper. Why buy a pack of 10 avocados when you'll only use 2, and throw 8 out? Keep your grocery list updated with the exact amount of each ingredient you need so there’s never any waste!

3: Stale is Still Good– When it comes to stale bread, do what the French do! Repurposing stale bread to make French toast, croutons and breadcrumbs will not only keep perfectly good bread from hitting the bin but will make you look like a master chef!

4: Location Is Everything– All foods react differently to storage temperatures. For example, leafy greens should always be kept in the fridge, but tomatoes prefer the countertop. You can even play with locations depending on when you want food to ripen. Want a super ripe avocado? Put it on the counter. Want to keep it a little longer? Store it in the fridge.

5: Forget Fresh– Foods approaching their expiration can still be used (creatively!). What about limp chard in your smoothie? Or spongy apples for applesauce? Or brown bananas for banana bread, muffins, pancakes, etc. Use it up before throwing it out!

6: Abeego, the Way to Go– We've been taught to lock and seal in freshness yet living food needs to breathe! Leaving food bare isn't the answer either as without protection food quickly withers and rots. Abeego acts like a peel so your food is protected while it breathes. The result? Food keeps alive longer, so you have time to enjoy it to the very last bite.





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