How to Store Avocados

Avocado Toast | Abeego Reusable beeswax wrap that breathes


When a honey bee has found a new source of nectar, it returns to the hive with a waggle dance that gives the others directions to the most productive flowers.

A waggle to the right, a waggle to the left, and the others know where to go. The whole hive benefits from one little bee’s shared information.

In this spirit, we created our Avocado Expedition as a way for our community to explore food wisdom together.

We encourage you to be an Abeego Explorer, save different foods and share what you find. Because when you learn, we all learn.

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Passing down food wisdom from generation to generation | Abeego beeswax wraps



When our Founder and CEO Toni Desrosiers first invented Abeego, she was skeptical. Would it really work?

When it proved to keep her lemon juicier for longer than she’d ever experienced, she couldn’t quite believe it. Yet test after test, time and time again, Abeego saved food!

While we’ve learned a lot about how to save food in the last 10 years, we don’t know everything. The deep dive into the wisdom of food is endless and expansive.

The Avocado Expedition provides a forum for each of us to share our Abeego discoveries and our deeper food wisdom with each other.



Ready for a trip? Join us on the Avocado Expedition and see how people like you are saving food in their kitchens. Check out #AbeegoExplorer on Instagram and then try it for yourself!

  1. Cut a ripe avocado in half. Eat one, and wrap the other with the pit in.
  2. Store in the fridge, pit side up!
  3. Ready to eat? First, check its vitals: how does it look, smell, taste, is it alive?
  4. Give us the details—good or bad—on Instagram and tag us @abeego and #AbeegoExplorer. How many days was it stored in Abeego? What happened to your avocado?

Keep Food Alive, from rutabagas to fiddleheads, and taste the victory with Abeego! Each month we give away the full Abeego family to one lucky participant.






Have you ever picked up cilantro during your Saturday grocery shop only to discover a slimy mess by Taco Tuesday? Imagine vibrant cilantro this week and next week. Chimichanga fiesta, anyone?

Those introduced to Abeego beeswax wrap as a plastic wrap alternative soon discover that food saved in Abeego is simply better. In fact, every time we’ve pitted Abeego against airtight ways of saving food, Abeego is victorious.

Go ahead and use your Abeego to make an awesome reusable bowl cover and then level up to unlock the real victory in your kitchen. Because Abeego protects and breathes like nature’s own peel and rind, your food keeps alive for longer than ever imagined.

See quick results and test an avocado and then explore other foods like:

  • Fresh bread
  • Herbs
  • Mushrooms
  • Cheese (soft and hard)
  • Fruits
  • Cucumbers
  • Roasted chickpeas
  • Homemade yogurt
  • Anything you can imagine!

We’ve tested a lot of foods and yet there’s still so much to learn!


Abeego Explorer Watermelon | Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap that Breathes



That’s always an interesting question! When Toni was on Dragon’s Den, the dragons asked how long can an avocado keep in Abeego. Her answer? “It depends.”

There are many variables:

  • Food condition when wrapped. Is it already very ripe? Is it good quality?
  • The condition of your Abeego. How has it been washed? Is it thin and ready to be replaced or is it brand new?
  • Your fridge. What’s the temperature? Humidity? Does it need a good spring clean?
  • Location in your fridge. Did you keep it in the cheese drawer? The door? Top or bottom of your fridge?

Exploring conditions like these get us excited to dig deeper into understanding how and why food has performed in different ways.

Let’s dig into an example.

The situation

You excitedly unwrap your avocado half to discover browning on the surface two days later. You were expecting vibrant green.

The investigation

What are the facts: Was the avocado ripe to begin with? Did it sit on the counter unwrapped for any length of time (browning from oxidation begins as soon as you cut into it)?

Was the avocado fully wrapped? Was it stored in the fridge pit side up or down? Do the brown flecks affect the taste or your enjoyment? Slice the top layer off, what’s it like underneath?

What’s the condition of your Abeego? If it’s looking thin, is it time for new Abeego?

The analysis

When you’ve asked all those questions, you’ll see where your avocado fits into the bigger picture and develop a deeper understanding of your food and how it lives.  

Not sure? We love (and by that we mean LOVE) to dig into it with you. Reach out by email, tag us on social media or send a private message. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Abeego Avocado Expedition | Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap That Breathes




We’re so grateful to have you join us in our mission to Keep Food Alive. As we explore to expand the food frontier, we continuously make discoveries. It also means we don’t have all the answers.

You’re an integral part of our wholehearted pioneer community. We all thrive when you share your discoveries because when you learn, we all learn—as a company and as individuals—as we each strengthen our relationship with food.

Let’s keep connected and Keep Food Alive!




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