How to Keep Apple Slices Fresh

How to Keep Apple Slices Fresh

Among the thousands (yes, thousands) of apple varieties throughout the world, each has its own unique shade, texture, and flavor profile. From Pink Ladies to Cosmic Crisps to Jazz and beyond, these edible rubies and emeralds offer heaps of delicious nutrients and fiber with every bite. 

While it’s not hard to gobble an apple in one sitting, there are times when we need to know how to keep a cut apple fresh. For example, perhaps your kiddo has an affinity to eat only a quarter of an apple, or you portion one out to feed your pup each day, or you’re prepping a sliced apple snack for tomorrow’s lunch. 

We want to help ensure your apple doesn’t even notice it's been sliced, so we introduced them to the Abeego Test Kitchen. We wrapped one half wrapped in a Small Abeego and left one-half naked. Dig in!


apple after one week wrapped in Abeego - still bright and crisp


After one week, we took a peek at the Abeego-wrapped half and sliced off a thin layer to see how the flesh looked.

Still vibrant! So we wrapped it back up.

For three. More. Weeks.



how to keep sliced apple fresh - Abeego versus naked halved apple
The apple on the left was wrapped in Abeego for four weeks, and the apple on the right was left naked for four weeks. 
NAKED: Yeesh, check out that squish factor! It’s shriveled, noticeably smaller, and lost ~37% of its weight in moisture. 

ABEEGO: Still firm, plump, and lost less than 10% of its weight in moisture. Notice how the surface of the apple has started to brown and dry slightly? It’s creating a new seal to protect itself! Like the apple’s own skin, Abeego is protective and breathable, creating the perfect environment to extend the life of these doctor-ridding fruits. 

Now, let’s slice into it and see what’s underneath.



Voila! Bright, juicy, goodness!

That’s right, after 28 days.

Watch the entire 4-week process here.

How about them apples?

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Abeego founder picking apples

In the fall of 2019, the Abeego team gleaned 262.2 pounds of apples from the prolific trees of our generous friends and Salt Spring Island Candles

What to do with such bushels, you ask? In our eyes, there’s no such thing as one bad apple. We had no problem putting each one to use. 

Here’s how we enjoyed our heaping boxes of Spartans and Red Delicious apples for an entire year:

With the plump & firm:

  • During the harvest and weeks afterward, we shined these juicy gems on our shirts and crunched into them daily. Our team of 16 each got to take home a bag to enjoy as they pleased.

With the soft & dull:

  • Amanda made and devoured Oatbox’s Breakfast Cookie Recipe
  • Toni made dehydrated apple chips for team meeting table snacks (you know, back when they weren’t virtual).
  • Sarah pressed and distilled a handful and made Applejack 
  • Toni made an apple crumble recipe and apple pie mix which she served on top of oatmeal for weeks
  • We whipped up our favorite apple parsley smoothies here at Abeego HQ

With the bruised & wormy:

  • We took the saddest of the bunch to the Flying Fish Winery, who made their famous apple cider recipe, and we enjoyed these bevvies at team celebrations for over a year! 

Who knew apples could be delicious in so many ways? We encourage you to widen your repertoire of apple varieties and explore the nuances between each one.