How to Store Cilantro

How to Store Cilantro


Bring back the perk and rekindle your love affair with cilantro! Gone are the days of withered cilantro. Keep your cilantro full of life and bursting with palate-awakening taste for longer than ever imagined.

It’s a true love match! A skin for the skinless, Abeego protects cilantro while giving it space to breathe. You’ll have citrusy, mood-lifting, fresh earthiness that brightens meals for weeks on end. Cross our hearts! 

Dig in to our complete guide for long-living cilantro:

  • The best and easiest way to store cilantro to keep it alive for weeks
  • Abeego versus naked cilantro - Abeego Lab results!
  • How to choose and bring home the best cilantro
  • Simple cilantro uses to bring new life to your meals


Keep Cilantro Alive | Abeego protects and breathes so cilantro is kept fresh and alive




Forget fresh. Keep Cilantro Alive!

Once cut from the stem, cilantro is still alive and needs to breathe, like any other living thing. This process is called respiration and is the way cilantro releases its carbohydrates, nutrients, and flavor by way of moisture loss. While all produce goes through this process, cilantro’s high surface-area-to-volume ratio means moisture loss is particularly rapid.

This is why cilantro in an airtight wrap or container goes to mush so quickly and why left naked it rots and wilts before your eyes.

We all have that friend that saves cilantro in a jar of water in the fridge, with a bag on top. Or, you could:

  • Step 1: Wrap cilantro in Abeego and store in the fridge drawer.
  • Step 2: Consume as desired for weeks on end.

Boom! The best way to store cilantro is also the easiest. It’s really this simple to Keep Cilantro Alive.

Abeego tip: Release tied-up cilantro from any elastic or string and lightly dry if wet before wrapping.




We encourage Abeego newbies to try the Avocado Expedition for mind-bending results. Cilantro falls within the same camp and is a real deal maker for soon-to-be Abeego champions! 

To back up our first-hand accounts, here’s the science behind what happens when you store cilantro in Abeego.


Our Method
We weighed two bunches of fresh cilantro, wrapped one in Abeego and left the other naked, then stored in the fridge drawer. We weighed them again after 4 days.

Our Results

The cilantro stored in Abeego retained 96% of its moisture, while the naked cilantro only retained 70%. In other words, cilantro wrapped in Abeego retained over 8X more of its natural moisture and nutrients than cilantro left bare! 

Cilantro stored in Abeego retained 8 times more moisture than cilantro left bare

The Abeego-wrapped cilantro was still perky and vibrant after 4 days versus limp and lifeless naked cilantro.

While the naked cilantro had to be composted, we continued to save our cilantro in Abeego for a total of 22 days. Total moisture lost was only 15%, whereas after only 4 days, the naked cilantro had lost twice that amount.

Our Why
Abeego protects cilantro’s delicate leaves from drying out. At the same time, because Abeego is breathable, excess moisture can escape. Cilantro’s respiration process is slowed down and retains its vital moisture and nutrients for longer. In a nutshell, Abeego very simply Keeps Cilantro Alive.

Win at Home
Bring home cilantro again! It won’t go to waste when you save it in Abeego. Lay diagonally on a Large Abeego, roll it up and fold in the ends or twist them like a bon bon. Keeping cilantro alive is really that simple.





With the power to save cilantro and retain its nutrients, start with the most alive cilantro you can. 

The most alive cilantro is straight from the plant, of course! Great for gardens, cilantro can thrive in a pot without much space. We love Jeannie Phan’s patio gardening tips with her urban rooftop garden. 

Grocery store cilantro is convenient yet not necessarily the freshest. Find out where it’s from; the farther the destination, the older it is. Farmers’ markets, market stalls or farmer direct garden markets generally has the freshest, and local, stock.


Keep Cilantro Alive with Abeego Beeswax Wraps | The best way to store cilantro and keep it fresher for longer


Look for these signs and you’re sure to select the best cilantro:

  • Green leaves, green stems! Pass over cilantro that has any yellowing.
  • Give it a whiff! Does it smell fresh, strong and herby?
  • Choose leaves with perk, no droop.

Abeego tip: make Abeego your shopping buddy and wrap up cilantro on the go! 



From spicy Pad Thai to voluptuous Vietnamese subs, pungent curries to zesty salsa, cilantro’s refreshing flavor is loved the world over. Both bright and earthy, it gives an instant kapow to any dish.


Keep hummus fresh with Abeego beeswax wraps | Keep Cilantro Alive


“Don't wait for a recipe to call for herbs! You can put them in anything,” says our founder and CEO, Toni Desrosiers. “I always smell the dish and then smell each herb I'm thinking of adding. I pick the herb that smells best with the dish to add that final touch.”

We threw cilantro into hummus that we made with our Flourist chickpeas and whirred in lime and cilantro. Extra zing as simple as that!

Get creative with cilantro:

  • Toss into salads, soups, and smoothies!
  • Tuck into sandwiches
  • Swap out basil for cilantro and get a superstar pesto
  • Mince into marinades
  • Add sprigs to drinking water

If you’re a real cilantro lover, you’ll lap up this strawberry margarita recipe from Brooklyn Supper made with cilantro simple syrup.



Use ALL of the cilantro, root to stem

All the pizazz of the leaves are deep in the stem so blend or chop up the whole plant.

Take care of your cilantro and it will take care of you
Abeego retains cilantro’s nutrients and life force. Take care of cilantro and its vital nutrients are readily available for your body to absorb when you’re ready to eat it. 

Build the “it depends” mentality
How long can you keep cilantro alive? It depends! A seasoned food-saving hero considers the circumstances: when was the cilantro picked, how long has it been at the market, how has it been stored (temperature, humidity). What is the condition of your fridge? Warm, cold, dry, humid? 

How long you can keep your cilantro will vary each time due to different conditions, even the condition of your Abeego! When you food isn’t staying alive as long as it used to, this is a sign that you’re ready for an Abeego refresh.


Cover bowls and gift Abeego beeswax wraps


Share Cilantro
Give the cilantro lovers in your life the gift of vibrant cilantro! Give them a bunch instead of flowers along with a Large Abeego.


Abeego is the original reusable beeswax food wrap. Like food’s own peel, skin and rind, Abeego breathes and protects, extending the life of fresh food so you can enjoy it to the very last bite.




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