Ming Pao Feature | Abeego For All

Ming Pao Feature | Abeego For All

mingpao abeego beeswax wrap articleAbeego has always intrigued people regardless of culture, language or communication method. Quite often I find myself explaining Abeego with out words. Watching ta persons face light up as they "get it" always makes me beam. 

Thank you Tao Sheng for sharing Abeego with your  Ming Pao Canada  readers. 

I'm dying to know what the horoscopes says! If I can get someone to translate the Taurus horoscope I'll update the post. 

Love the Abeego Hive,



UPDATE Tao was kind enough to send a translation of my horoscope for the day! It sounds about right!

Ming Pao said on 20th Oct about Taurus: a little bumping relationship with your loved one, yet to ignite much passion;Smooth on work; Watch out due date of your bills; AND take money & wealth much less seriously so to be relax and carefree.

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