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Includes: 6 Small Reusable Food Wraps 18cm x 18cm (7"x7")

Keep lemons luscious, overnight oats protected, and take cookies to go.

Squeeze Abeego food wraps around your foods and bowls, store in the fridge, and uncover the next day for fresh and alive food. Every time.

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WRAP: Self-adhesive and size-variant, Abeego squeezes around anything. From bunches of herbs, half-cut onions, blocks of cheese, homemade bread, and everything in between, your food is in good hands with Abeego.

WASH: Cold water and eco-friendly soap are your keys to long-lasting Abeego. If unsoiled, simply fold and put away.

REUSE: With regular use and proper care, Abeego will last you at least a year. That’s countless foods saved & meals rescued.

END OF LIFE: When the day comes, Abeego is 100% compostable. Better yet, cut it into strips and repurpose as firestarters or twist ties for the garden. Relive the magic of new Abeego all over again!

Made with beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil infused into a hemp and organic cotton cloth, Abeego’s hand-picked ingredients offer a powerful synergy to Keep Food Alive. The complexity of the formula is what makes our wraps so simple to use. It’s the easy way you’ve always wanted food wrap to function.

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If the benefits of using Abeego in your kitchen are not glaringly obvious right away, we’ll troubleshoot with you. Still can’t be convinced? We’ll refund you. Simple as that.


SMALL Abeego Tips

  • Tip #1

    Wrap up your sliced onion and keep your fridge smelling onion-free

  • Tip #2

    Halve your avocado, and eat it too! Your toast will be eagerly awaiting your green avo tomorrow morning.

  • Tip #3

    Cover your glass of wine or beer when dining alfresco to keep fruit flies at bay

  • Tip #4

    Wrap your sliced citrus and unwrap fresh zest tomorrow, the day after that and the day after that

  • Tip #5

    Prep your overnight oats and cover with a Small Abeego for a fresh breakfast every morning

  • Tip #6

    Wrap your kiddos' half-eaten apples and keep them juicy & fresh

Build your Collection

Set of 3 - $18

Perfect starter set or gift for under $20.

Set of 3 - $18

Perfect for herbs, cheese, and cover small bowls.

Set of 2 - $18

Perfect for sourdough, celery, and casseroles.

Set of 1 - $18

Perfect for bread, celery, and to cover casserole dishes.


Abeego Works

"I use Abeego for so many things now! Wrap a half a head of cabbage, peppers, avocado and even banana bread! It's amazing at keeping cut peppers crisp for over a week, cilantro dry and avocados happy until I eat the other half! I cover food plates that will be eaten later too!"
Sara, Washington
"I used to always mouldy cheese if I didn’t wrap it tight enough with plastic wrap. It would often get mouldy within 4-5 days. I have had my block of cheese opened and covered with a small size Abeego wrap for at least a month and there is not a speck of mould and the cheese hasn’t hardened either! This stuff is super amazing! Love the stickiness aspect as well, for covering my dish of apple crisp or some other food. Highly recommend!"
"Abeego has extended the life of ALL of my vegetables, especially avocados and peppers. (Your product is pure magic). I’ve always loved Abeego but appreciate even more so now, in the time of COVID and limited grocery shopping trips. It’s extended the life of all of my food - thank you! Can’t wait to order another box!"
"So multi purpose! My second half of the avocado has never looked so good!"
"Loving the small wrap for my lemon halves and the medium one for my grapefruit halves!"
"I haven't had to throw out spoiled fruit or vegetables ever since I bought the Abeego wraps. It's awesome to reach for that half avocado and it's still good."
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Lisa T.
Canada Canada
Small size excellent for half onions, lemons, small bits of cheese...

I have one of each size of Abeego wraps and they are always an essential tool in my kitchen. I have greatly cut down on plastic cling wrap and Abeego keeps my food fresh for longer.

Sharon M.
Canada Canada
Fresh fruit and veggies!

Great for cucumbers, peppers and all of my small veggies and fruit!


Hi Sharon, Our Small Wrap is so versatile in the kitchen! We love using it for halves of anything - from lemons to peppers to cucumbers. - Brie

Canada Canada
Love them!!

I am really enjoying much so I have already gone back to purchase more and am about to place another order for large and extra large ones :) :) One place I REALLY noticed a difference is with my lemons..I buy organic lemons cause I use the peel ..if I'm in need of some lemon juice I will always zest them first whether I am using the zest right away or not..if I don't use all of the juice the lemon goes absolutely rock hard without it's 'skin'..I could still get some more juice the next day but if I wrap it in your wraps it's like a normal lemon and can last several days without it's peel!!


Keeping citrus alive, one wrap at a time! The lemon peel was actually the initial inspiration behind Abeego �