2023 The Year of Micro-Goals

2023 The Year of Micro-Goals

Hi! Toni here. I wanted to jump in and tell you why I'm attracted to Micro-Goals. 

The last two years left me worn out, burned out, and drowning in lofty goals left me deflated. So I decided to set my goals in bite-sized pieces, micro-dosing them into my day and allowing myself to feel the success I deserved.  We define a Micro-Goal as a small action taken regularly. It's biting off what we can chew, softening hard lines, and relishing micro-improvements. It’s only when you look back do you recognize how impactful it has been because little things add up. That’s how big changes happen.

The Micro-Goal is our favorite soon-to-trend.

Top 3 Micro-Goals we’re seeing:

  • Eat more produce every day.
  • Buy things that spark joy.
  • Bathe in the outdoors.

What micro-goals are on your list this year?

Micro-Goal #1: Eat more produce every day

We’re forgoing lofty resolutions like “go 100% plant-based” or “exercise 5 days a week” and opting for incremental improvements, like adding more produce to your meals each day. That could be adding an apple to your work lunch, or sneaking in a side salad at dinner. By doing just a little bit extra, we can check that box, satisfied we’re working towards our goals. From half a pepper to covering an entire salad, incorporate the Variety Wrap into your routine to extend the life of your fresh produce.

Micro-Goal #2: Buy things that spark joy

Because Marie Kondo is 100% right. Being positive and uplifted by the small things around us matters. From treating yourself to an ice cream & walk, or thrifting a new-to-you sweater to get cozy, let’s celebrate the small moments in between, slowing down from the frenetic chaos we’ve been sold to live by

Don’t underestimate the power of the Small Wrap. Small and mighty, it packs a punch well above its weight to save your food every single day. Wrapping and unwrapping half a lemon a day will become an anticipated joy in the kitchen.

Micro-Goal #3: Bathe in the outdoors

Literally, and figuratively, my Micro-Goal for 2023 is to do physical things that seemed difficult, (but couldn’t kill me) in an effort to reset my nervous system. The outdoors and cold bathing called me. 

My first cold dip left me breathless and panicked, and, guess what, I didn’t die. The second dip wasn’t easier, but still, I didn’t die. With each cold dip, I’ll be more resilient. Nature bathing isn’t limited to us cold dippers, it’s anyone soaking in the natural world in an effort to calm daily chaos. 

Walks, swims, hikes, bike rides, meditating in the backyard, they all count. I recommend taking a Mini Campfire with you to slow down and bask in nature.

We predict 2023 will be the year of the Micro-Goal. Join the Micro-Goal conversation on Instagram and share yours.

Keep Food Alive,


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