Care & Use | Beeswax Food Wrap

Wash in COLD water (think ocean cold!) with eco-friendly soap. Dry with a towel & reuse. If unsoiled, simply rinse & reuse.

Store it in a clean & dry place like a kitchen drawer until next time. You can roll your Abeego beeswax food wrap into tubes, fold them nicely, lay them flat, tuck them between cutting boards, magnet to the fridge or put them back into rotation. The choice is yours!

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With regular use and proper care, Abeego lasts for about a year. You'll know it's time to replace your wraps if they're no longer adhesive, the wax coating has worn off, or your friends look worried when you bring them out.

Abeego is 100% biodegradable. At the end of its life, you can cut it into strips and use as twist ties for the garden or firestarters for your BBQ or campfire. Burning slow & chemical free, it's a goodbye you can feel good about!

Not typically. Our formula acts as a natural barrier while still letting your food breathe, keeping the strong smells from foods like ginger, onion, tuna, and blue cheese from penetrating into the fabric of the wrap.

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Like all natural materials, Abeego can stain. Staining doesn’t mean your Abeego wrap is dirty, only color is left behind after washing your beeswax wrap.

We embrace staining as a badge of honor. Abeego has kept all types and colors of food alive. Much like laugh lines, stains are a sign of a life well lived.

Learn more about Abeego & staining here.

You sure can! We recommend a month maximum for Abeego in the freezer--leave the long-term storage up to the other guys.

While cured or cooked meat are friends of Abeego, we do not recommend wrapping raw meat or fish. You can always put in a bowl and cover with Abeego to avoid direct contact.

This is usually the result of an accidental wash in warm or hot water. We know, it was probably someone else in the house.

It could also be that your wrap is reaching the year's mark and is ready to be repurposed into firestarters or twist ties for the garden. It's time for the magic of fresh Abeego!

Wash with cold water, eco friendly soap and a gentle cloth to try and remove the mold. If it has left behind a stain and cannot be washed away, we recommend replacing the wrap.

While it's not typical for food to get moldy in Abeego, it's not impossible! From our own testing and feedback we've heard from other customers, mold typically grows in more humid environments or if a food is beyond saving.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

1. How long was the food stored in Abeego? While you won't find a two-day-old wrapped avocado covered in mold, it's not impossible for a two-month-old sliced cantaloupe to start growing some things. It's all about learning how our food behaves!

2. Was it kept in a moist part of the fridge or near other moist foods? You can always crank down the humidity settings in your fridge.

3. How old is your Abeego? How has it been washed? If your wraps are reaching their year's mark or they've been washed in warm/hot water, the wax formula will no longer be as protective as it once was, allowing for excess moisture to enter the wrap.

Still not sure? Email us a photo to, we love to dig in.

We recommend you avoid the temptation to cut Abeego. It’s most functional in its full size. Plus, you can always over-wrap an item. It’s your old relationship with plastic wrap that makes you think you have to cut Abeego to fit the exact item you’re storing. You’re going to have your Abeego for a long time, so keeping it full-size will let you use it over and over on many shapes and sizes. Learn more here.

Check out our Store Locator to see where Abeego beeswax wrap is sold in your community.

When asked how long Abeego keeps food fresh, our answer is always: "it depends!"

We start by asking questions like: How old was the food when it was purchased? How long has it been stored in the fridge? Where in the fridge is it being stored? Understanding the life cycle of our food and how it behaves in certain environments is part of the fun.

If your Abeego isn't keeping food as fresh as you once remembered, it's often due to:

A) The Abeego food wrap is reaching the end of its life. The wax formula will no longer be as protective as it once was. Abeego needs to be replaced after about a year of regular use.


B) The Abeego food wrap has been washed in warm/hot water. Even lukewarm water can have a negative effect on the wax coating of the wrap, making it less effective in keeping food fresh. Take care of your Abeego and it will take care of you!

Still not sure why your food isn't staying fresh? Email us at about what you're finding and we'll dig in together.

Here are some tips to easily determine what's in your Abeego:

1. Employ ALL your senses. It’s surprisingly easy to identify what’s inside Abeego without “seeing.” Give it a gentle squish, a sniff, or judge the weight and examine the shape. And when all else fails, it never hurts to take a quick peek!

2. Wrap like a pro. Different wrapping techniques can help your Abeego stand out in the crowd. The envelope, the candy twist, the bag, the burrito wrap--experiment with different wrapping styles to help know what’s inside.

3. Keep friends together. Parsley and mint, chives and dill, or a mix of spring greens are better together, so why separate them? Roll food friends together to save wraps and fridge space.

In the natural world, there are no instances of transparent “food wrap." Exposure to light is a major, often overlooked, contributor to food spoilage and is called photodegradation. Abeego is opaque to block light, keeping food as fresh as possible until it’s eaten. Learn more here.

From wedges of limes to entire loaves of sourdough, there's an Abeego size for that. Check out our Abeego Size Guide to learn which sizes are best for you.

If you're wondering how much Abeego food wrap you need, the answer is "just enough". When you keep “just enough” Abeego on hand for your family, you know that when you run out of food wraps it’s time to dig into your fridge and use something up. This is simple, easy, food rotation with Abeego! 

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Curious About a Particular Food?

We've learned a lot, and we still are. Check out our food experiments & findings below. Is there a food you'd like us to test? Let us know at!

Bean sprouts need a protective environment that releases excess moisture. That’s where Abeego reusable food wrap steps in. 

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Crusty loaf: Wrap it loose.

Soft loaf: Wrap it tight.

All loaves: Slice as consumed.

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Fold your Giant Abeego food wrap into a bag to collect bulk sprouts to keep them fresher than ever.

Learn how to keep Brussels sprouts fresh and what happened to them in the Abeego Test Kitchen.

A Large Abeego food wrap acts as a second skin for thin-skinned vegetables like carrots.

Learn how to keep carrots fresh, snappy, & crunchy here.

Try a Giant Abeego food wrap for the whole head or a Large for the half.

Learn how to keep cauliflower fresh and see the size difference of our cauliflower wrapped in Abeego vs. left naked here.

Slice your block of cheese from the outside in (the same way it ages) rather than end to end to extend its life.

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Grab your Large Abeego food wrap wrap and try the burrito technique with your bunch of cilantro & enjoy vibrant, palate-awakening flavor for days.

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Fold Abeego food wrap into a bag to collect your foraged spinach or learn how to buddy-wrap your kale.

PS, did you know basil hates the cold?

Grab your Giant Abeego food wrap for the largest of rhubarb stalks.

Abeego gently and naturally hugs around rhubarb’s delicate skin and creates an environment that protects rhubarb from drying out as it breathes. 

Halve your food, and eat it too!

Wrap halves in your Small or Medium Abeego food wrap and store in the fridge, sliced side up.

Learn more about tomatoes, avocados and citrus on the blog.

While we don't mind a nice berry stain on our wraps, put your berries in a bowl and cover with Abeego if you'd rather avoid it.

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