What Happens if My Abeego Food Wrap Gets Stained?

Keep your Abeego from staining by placing berries in a bowl and cover with Abeego

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Will Abeego Stain?

Yes. Like all natural materials, Abeego can stain. Deeply pigmented foods, such as sliced beets, pomegranates, and berries are valued worldwide as dyes for textiles. They naturally tint any materials they come in contact with.

Many natural materials that repel pigments are treated with a chemical stain repellent, and chemicals are 100% off limits for Abeego. We’ll take natural staining over chemicals any day!


Is a stained Abeego a dirty Abeego?

Nah. Staining doesn’t mean your Abeego wrap is dirty,  only color is left behind after washing your beeswax wrap. Don’t scrub the stain; scrubbing will remove the protective coating.

We embrace staining as a badge of honor. Abeego has kept all types and colors of food alive. Much like laugh lines, stains are a sign of a life well lived.

  Reduce staining on your Abeego by placing food in a bowl and covering it with Abeego beeswax wrap

Which foods are most likely to leave some color behind?

Foods that are heavily pigmented such as pomegranates, beets, some berries like ripe strawberries and raspberries, tomato sauce, red onions, turmeric and red peppers are the most common stain-causing foods.


Can I minimize staining?

Absolutely! Here are a few tricks to keep your Abeego stain-free.

  • A waxy Abeego is less likely to stain, always to wash it in cold water to keep the fiber of the fabric protected.
  • Rinse a soiled Abeego as soon as you remove the food to prevent the wrap from warming and absorbing the pigment
  • Keep food below the rim of the dish to avoid direct contact with your food

 Cover a bowl with Abeego wraps to keep strawberries fresh

More tips: Building the Abeego habit

  • Always keep a fresh pack of Abeego in the pantry for potlucks and guests.
  • Embrace a well-loved Abeego. Beeswax wrap shifts over time, much like us, stains and creases are beautiful and help tell its story.






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