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    Making Beeswax Wrap | Abeego


    Abeego food wrap is in over a million kitchens worldwide, and we’re only at the beginning.

    Does our mission sound like something you’d like to be a part of?  Learn more below.






    At Abeego, we’re on a mission to end food waste right in our own kitchens and nourish a world free to do more good collectively than alone. Together, we can Keep Food Alive in pursuit of food sovereignty for all.

    We believe connection to our natural world is what breathes life into the food that breathes life into us. 

    Inspired by properties of the skins, peels, and rinds found in this natural world, we make reusable food wrap that allows kitchens around the globe to expect longer and more vibrant lifespans of the food that nourishes them.

    We offer space for the community to freely learn, contribute and share inspiration and logic about what it means to have a living, breathing kitchen.   

    Our hope is that together, we can embrace these expectations and exchange pieces of wisdom, big and small, to forge a deeper connection and sense of unity to food and one another.


    Live Where Logic and Inspiration Meet
    We believe logic and inspiration are equally weighted and we anchor decisions at this intersection to let ourselves dream big, seek opportunity within boundaries, and commit to doing something, especially when we can’t do everything.

    Appreciate Everyone and Everything
    We cherish, harvest, and regenerate the natural resources abundant in people and the planet, appreciating that it’s the many individuals who will bring something unique to co-create the world we’re in pursuit of. 

    Hunger to Feed
    Knowing what you feed grows, we commune around the table and ground ourselves in reciprocity and curiosity, eager to exchange what we have with those around us. 

    Do Good. Do Better.
    We bring our best with a can-do, will-do, will-learn attitude and then evolve it through collaboration and teamwork into something even better that will create a positive impact through our company and community.


    Don't see a role that fits? We’d love to hear your thoughts, stories, and ideas for making Abeego a household name. Please get in touch