What is Beeswax Food Wrap?

Abeego is the reusable beeswax food wrap that keeps food fresh for longer than ever imagined. 
Green avocado for days, zesty lemons for weeks and crisp lettuce today, tomorrow & next week. This is your life with Abeego.
Get used to it. 

person picking citrus from a tree and person wrapping a halved onion on Abeego

Abeego picks up where the peel leaves off. Like a melon rind or avocado peel, Abeego is breathable, opaque and protective, creating the perfect environment to extend the life of food, naturally.



Abeego saves honey bees by saving food.

Did you know the average household throws 1 in 4 produce items into the trash? Imagine the positive effect we would have on honey bees if we took good care of the fresh food they supply us with.


Abeego is all natural.

Every ingredient used comes from the earth and will return to it without a trace.


Abeego is zero waste.

“Waste” is actually a resource. From day one we adopted a waste free commitment so we make amazing twist ties and fire starters with the excess.


Abeego lasts.

Planned obsolesce should be obsolete. Beeswax is valuable so we make Abeego durable. You’ll add to your collection before replacing tired wraps.


Abeego uses minimal energy to produce.

Primarily people powered, except our awesome waxing machine that has tripled our output using the same amount of energy.




how to wrap, wash and reuse Abeego food wrap

 WRAP up your favorite fresh foods of any size, WASH in cold water & eco-friendly soap, and REUSE on the daily for one year +. At the end of its life, cut your wrap into strips and use as garden ties or firestarters for a campfire or BBQ. Burning slow & chemical-free, it's a goodbye you can feel good about.