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Did you go headfirst into 2019 with your heart aflame for change? Same. Now that the year is in full swing, I’m here to remind you to take a breather, pat yourself on the back, and keep going because big change comes with big challenges.


As a natural born entrepreneur, it’s in my DNA to want to do all things now. I learned early that I simply can’t do everything, not right away. Instead of giving up, I use that sense of urgency to drive me forward. It's my personal motto that I must do something, especially when I can't do everything.


When you recognize that you can’t do everything, it signals that you’re in the process of dismantling and rebuilding a system. For ten years, I’ve been dismantling and rebuilding a system to end food waste and all the downstream waste as a result of it. It's my mission, my life’s work, and a path I’ll continue on for rest of my life.


This month at Abeego, we took time to regroup and set the framework for 2019 to support our objectives that fuel and inspire. While my team is mighty, it’s also small and we’re human. We can do a lot! Alas, we cannot do everything. So, we carefully choose one or two targets each quarter and go an inch wide and a mile deep.

Do something, especially when you can't do everything. - Toni DesrosiersAs a sustainable company, Abeego does good work. We’re not perfect so it's important to recognize that sustainability has no end, rather it's a journey with many improvements along the way.


It's the kind of work that makes us grateful for the support from our conscious community more than ever. Recognizing that we each need to do something even when we can't do everything allows us to collectively change the world into the place we want it to be.


From ethically sourced ingredients to zero-waste production materials, Abeego is on course for B Corp status, a certification for-profit companies attain when they meet the highest environmental and social performance.


Ten years ago, I invented beeswax wraps and disrupted the billion dollar plastic wrap industry. I didn’t know that would happen. All I knew was that there had to be a better way to save our food. It took a lot of work and it wasn’t easy. It still takes a lot of work and it’s still not easy! And it’s worth it. 


Abeego Founder and CEO Toni Desrosiers Celebrating 10 years of Abeego


Late last year, I received the TELUS Trailblazer Award which was a real honor because it recognized how my invention, and transparency about the ingredients, created an international beeswax food wrap industry. Around the world, people are using beeswax food wrap instead of using plastic food wrap or other airtight food saving methods. Now that’s impact!

And it’s all because I kept going, especially when I couldn’t do everything.

Onwards and upwards!




Toni Desrosiers


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