New(ish) Abeego Product | The Seamless Beeswax Wrap Bag

New(ish) Abeego Product | The Seamless Beeswax Wrap Bag

The day has finally come. It’s newish, it’s seamless, and it’s going to be your summer’s hero! 

The Abeego bag is here. 

Prepare to take your food-saving abilities to the next level. 

Okay, okay, the cat's outta the (Abeego) bag. While it's not exactly a new product, it's a fresh perspective on the capabilities of the Abeego Giant. A perspective you and your food will love. 

Grab your Giant Wrap, and with a few handy folds, you've got a bag to keep summer's produce fresh & delicious. 

The best part? It's seamless! Nowhere for crumbs to get stuck (which means cleaning is a breeze) and easy to unfold when you need a flat wrap. Check out our top 9 ways to use the Abeego bag below.



bag holding foraged spring greens and bag on table holding cranberries


Sustainability & functionality are values that are tightly woven into the heart of Abeego and why we don’t have a stitched bag. Let us explain:

Sustainability: More materials used means more materials wasted. Did you know the first Abeego prototype had decorative thread, a string, and a button to close it up? We quickly realized that these excess materials supported neither the waste-free production process we were in pursuit of or the function of Abeego.

Functionality: We’re not anti-seam; we’re pro utility. Abeego gives you ultimate freedom to wrap food in whatever way serves you best. While we’re diehard fans of the function a bag offers, what about when you need to cover a casserole dish, swaddle stalks of rhubarb, or protect a loaf of bread? Stitch-free & versatile, the Abeego Giant seamlessly transitions from bag to baguette. Anytime, anywhere, any food.

To us, essential kitchen tools have countless uses. It’s a wrap when you need a wrap and a bag when you need a bag.



  1. Fold in half

  2. Fold in the sides twice to create a seam.

  3. Open the top and fold it over. Twice.

  4. Prop up the bag, tuck in the bottom corners to hold the seams. 

  5. Voila! A bag for fresh food. 

Watch the step-by-step video here.



pouring spinach out of the Abeego bag and putting portobello mushrooms inside


  1. Extend the life of your garden bounty. Mounds of spinach ready to harvest? We promise you won’t need to eat 3 spinach-based meals for the next week. In Abeego, greens will stay vibrant & delicious until you’re ready to dig in.

  2. Prolong cherry season with the Abeego bag! Fill it up with these precious rubies and enjoy them for days and weeks to come. Hot tip: Snacking out and about? Fold the Abeego Small or Medium into a pouch to collect the pits! 

  3. Toss mushrooms into the bag to keep them contained & fresh - from portobellos, cremini, chanterelles and everything in between, these fun guys are in good hands with Abeego. Mushroom forager? Skip the middleman and toss them straight into the Abeego bag as you go.

  4. Use the Abeego bag to pack a water-resistant bunch of sandwiches for the group on your next kayaking trip.

  5. Bring the Abeego bag for bulk goods at the grocery store and skip the plastic.

  6. Throw your pre-chopped salad ingredients in the Abeego bag before your guests arrive so you can spend time visiting instead of prepping. When you’re ready to serve, give the bag a shake and pour the perfectly-tossed salad into its bowl. 

  7. Fold your Abeego into a bag for chips or popcorn and do away with the noisy crinkling. Movie night? Now you won’t miss the dialogue. 

  8. Pre-fold a bag and fill it with freshly-picked berries as a gift to a loved one. 

  9. Packing coffee for your camping trip? Keep the beans fresh and contained in the Abeego bag. Bonus: it’s lightweight & packs down to nearly nothing for the hike out.

Bonus: You can actually fold a bag/packet/pouch with any size Abeego!

Practice your folding skills to get the most out of your Abeego Giant. 





Abeego is the original reusable beeswax food wrap. Like food’s own peel, skin and rind, Abeego breathes and protects, extending the life of fresh food so you can enjoy it to the very last bite.




It is with deep respect and gratitude that we create, build and operate our business in the communities of Southern Vancouver Island, which as a business we acknowledge is located within the ancestral and unceded territories of the lək̓ʷəŋən (Lekwungen) (Esquimalt and Songhees), Malahat, Pacheedaht, Scia'new, T’Sou-ke and W̱SÁNEĆ (Pauquachin, Tsartlip, Tsawout, Tseycum) peoples.

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